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Editing a Listing

I am having problems trying to edit my listings.
Getting very frustrating as I enter all the new info/pics and it chucks it all out and says “We’re broken but we’re beautiful” and “something has gone belly up”.
Tried several times, with different listings.

I just edited one of mine without a problem…

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Having looked at a few of your listings, have you revived some very old listings? Some were made over 6 years ago! I just have a feeling the site will have moved on since then, I’m not very computer literate but I think you should have perhaps started again afresh with all your listings.

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Thank you for your replies Sue and Joy.

The listing I was trying to edit was a new one, but it seems to have done it now.
I have just returned to Folksy after concentrating on “the other side” for a while.
I am slowly updating my old listings and trying to do better pics, which is something I really struggle with.
I much prefer Folksy as it is a friendly place and all British crafts people.

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Yes, Folksy is the best :heart: welcome back. I hope you manage to do what you want to with all your listings

Thank you Sue, I do love Folksy.
I plan to do most of my Christmas shopping buying from fellow Folksians this year.

I just need to get to grips with everything again. It’s like starting from scratch again LOL>

You have a beautiful shop, by the way. I love your hanging decs and tote bags in particular.

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I often get the same message on Folksy when I’m editing listings, I can often clear it by signing out then back in again or waiting a while.
I usually spend around an hour listing a new item, my tablet continually loses Chrome connection, I start adding photos then Google chrome stops so I have to start again.
i now make a listing in several stages, add some info i.e title, price and 1st line of description then a couple of pics. Save, then go back in and add rest of description etc, Save again, then add photos. If I do it in stages I only lose a portion of new entry as it has already saved, it is an absolute nightmare I’m pleased I only list one item per week lol. This is down to my connection though not Folksy.

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I’ve had an error message a few times when I’ve written too much in the description/inspiration section.
Each part of the listing does have a character limit, but while the title will just stop typing when you get to the amount, I’ve had the description and inspiration sections let me carry on typing, and it’s only when I click the save button and get an error message that I have any idea that something is wrong. Unfortunately the error message is vague and doesn’t tell you that you’ve gone over the character limit, so you don’t know that you’ve got anything to fix. I only worked it out from trying anything I could to get the listing to save.


Oh thank you Kim, that may be it !
My dolls have long listings and I have, on occasion had to re-write them or omit small parts as I found there was a limit on characters but I hadn’t realised the connection with the error message. :blush::slight_smile:

Thanks Kim,
I think that’s it!
I have tried with fewer characters and it worked OK.
This will save me so many hours of frustration and swearing LOL

Thanks so much for sharing that bit of info, it will really make a difference to the time it takes me to do new items.

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