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Setting up categories

I have set up some categories in my shop and completed some listings. I realised I hadn’t got enough catergories so have tried to add some more. These are not showing on the front page of my shop. what am I doing wrong, At the moment half my listings are in a catagory and half aren’t …help!

Have these categories got any items in yet? They only show on your page when they’ve got items.

Thank you for replying Kim
When I try to put the category in it won’t let me unless I highlight (tick) at least one piece. In my case jewellery. There are some categories at the top of my shop front but none of the later added ones appear.
Also I’d like to be able to add some things to more than one category e.g ‘rings’ and ‘wedding rings’. I have an Etsy shop too and I know I can’t do that with them. But it would be great to do so.

If you go in to ‘shopkeeping’ you can add your items to as many collections as you want. Is this what you meant…?

Thank you for your help Folksies. I’ve just discovered I didn’t need collections not categories…Doh!


You seem to have fixed it. Can I just politely suggest that you really shouldn’t have your own website name splashed across your banner as your shop here is a Folksy shop and your own website points to E***
PS your jewellery is gorgeous.

Thank you I was frantically trying to remove the logo when I had your message. I couldn’t get the logo to fit properly. Think I’ve cracked it now.

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hi patsy - -just to say i think you have the incorrect clink to your instagram page on your folksy page.
i hope this helps.
best wishes,

Thankyou I am only just learning Instagram so I’ve probably messed up. I’ll have look later on tofay
Really appreciate your help.


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