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Ever updated your logo?

(Emma Rogerson) #1

I have updated my logo avatar etc after about 6 years of being Clarkie Designs. I have kept the colours the same but changed to text and typeface. I probably should have asked for this advice BEFORE I did it but I wondered if anyone had experience of changing their logo. Did it have any effect on their business? I really felt mine looked a bit dated so am glad I have done it but not sure if it will make any difference!
Emma x

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Not updated mine yet, I will do some day, but like it at present. However, every major brand updates their logo / image over the years, some more often than others. I find it fascinating looking at how food brands have changed their packaging over the decades, some do minor changes, some do major. I think so long as something stays similar, ie same colours, or same logo different colours etc the brand is still easily recognisable so no problem. There are so many lovely typefaces available now - it’s fun to have a change.

(Emma Rogerson) #3

Yes I agree it is nice to have a change and it’s given the ‘brand’ a bit of a boost. I have wanted to do it for a while and now intend to do more with Clarkie Designs in 2015.
I have just noticed however that the forum avatar is still as my old one. Right off to investigate how to change that!
Emma x

(Natalie Franca) #4

Ooh I LOVE it Emma!

Natalie x

(Emma Rogerson) #5

Thanks Natalie! :smile:
and Finally changed my avatar here too !

(Margaret Jackson) #6

I love the new design Emma, looks good! :smile:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #7

I changed mine last year sometime I think, but my theme is using images of my as a child to keep the logos connected. Its nice to have a freshen up sometimes. I recently changed my ‘branding’ to using greys as it made my colours pop!

(Emma Rogerson) #8

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.
Lowri I LOVE your logo - really fab idea!
Emma x