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Exciting New Shop in Birmingham - looking for designers!

(Melissa Davin Smith) #1

Dear Designer!

We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of a very exciting venture from Your Handmade Home.

We are looking to put together a selection of the best 25 designer/makers in the Midlands, all under one roof in a new shop called Your Handmade Home, opening on 4th July 2014 until 31st December 2014 in Gracechurch Centre, Sutton Coldfield.
Initially the shop will be open for 6 months, with a view to a permanent position in the Gracechurch Centre in 2015 onwards.
We would love you to be a part of it!
Please email for more details and if you wish to discuss anything further please feel free to email or call 07709178620.
Applications need to back with me by 10th May.
I look forward to hearing from you!!

Your Handmade Home
‘A beautiful Home is a Handmade Home’

(Pryle) #2

Hi Melissa

My name is Junie and my passion is working with and designing all things leather.

At the moment I am working hard making stock items in my workshop to list in my Etsy store and on my own website.

I have to date completed several clutches and different handbags.
I have recently designed a new Sunglasses Case and have put together a few ideas for
leather and silver bracelets having found suppliers for the silver findings in Portugal.

I have quite a few designs on paper for other items, some of which are other smaller leather goods like make up bags, micro Dr. bags, Guitar straps and bespoke leather steampunk accessories and waist corsets.

I also had an ‘unexpected’ custom order request before I had even started my business which resulted in one very happy lady having a custom luxury leather handbag handmade for her to her own specifications!

I have discovered my passion for leather quite recently and am completely self taught.
Being a visual learner I like to be hands on when learning new skills.

My inspiration mainly comes from all things fashion, the Arts and yes some celebrities … but mostly from my own wish list of items that I would like to have in my wardrobe but a lass I either cannot find them or I do not have the money to buy them.

Fashion and art have been with me all my life. When I was younger I made my own clothes and soft accessories. I still alter my clothes now and I know that the knowledge in needlecraft that I learnt when I was very small has enabled me to now work confidently with leather.

The bonus was that I found ‘my passion’ working with leather and it never fails to excite me and inspire me to create.

My Website is - should you be interested in seeing what I have down to date.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Edwina Kinch) #3

I think you need to email Melissa as she may not see your post. Sometimes people post on this thread, and because they have asked you to email, she may not return to read the thread so will miss your post.

(Melissa Davin Smith) #4

Hi, I have received your email and replied. Thank you! x

(Jessabelle Jewellery) #5

Awwwh only just seen this, was my birthday yesterday I would be interested in any experience if there is a possibility of work experience/placement etc. Im at coventry university in the west-midlands too.