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Facebook Business page problem on my Android phone

(Joy Salt) #1

Does anyone else use an android phone on their Facebook page.

I am fine using my personal Joy Salt page. I am not fine when I want to be Joysofglass.
Anything I post on my Joysofglass page is fine but when I want to post or comment or like on another page (eg British Crafters) it tags me as Joy Salt not as the Joysofglass it says i am using.

My apps are up to date,
I’ve even tried putting the direct url into the phone so I’m using the browser rather than an app and that actually lets me choose who I am but regardless of what I choose all comments on other people’s pages are Joy Salt not Joysofglass

Feeling totally frustrated and haven’t a clue what I am doing wrong / could do better.

(Stitchingarainbow) #2

I think I know what you mean, Doees it happen when you try to go on the page let’s say British Crafters or you actually look at pages feed. I noticed that when I try to go on the page it Pages manager asked if I want to see it in fb app, as if it is not able to display the page.
However when I am in pages manager and scroll pages feed and comment it comes up as Stiching a rainbow no problem.

(Joy Salt) #3

Yes I get that message and don’t know why
(Should say ~i just reworded my post above to make it a bit more understandable I hope)

(Stitchingarainbow) #4

I read my post and I am sorry for all spelling mistakes,
Hope you got what i meant, if not I will try again :wink:

(Stitchingarainbow) #5

I never got to the bottom why is it asking it, I just assumed that’s how this app is made.
so i just do not go on pages but scroll the news feed, when out and about, it is a bit hard because you have to check very often to not miss any posts but then all your comments and likes will be as JoysofGlass.
Maybe someone knows a trick to go around it but i think it is the weakness of this app.
btw, I love your work xx

(Natalie Franca) #6

Hi Joy, I’ve got an android phone too. When I want to post something on my business page, it asks if I want to post it as Natalie or More Tea, Vicar? However, when I want to post as More Tea on another page it doesn’t let me (same as you). What I do now (I’ve bookmarked it so can do it quickly) is a browser search for ‘Facebook web version’ which brings up the same view as if you’re on your PC and then click on my MTV page from the side bar. I then go in the top corner settings bit to change to MTV and do it that way.

As long as it all stays in the web version view you’ll be able to post as Joysof glass on other peoples pages.

Sorry if that’s rambling - hope it makes sense.

Natalie x

(Joy Salt) #7

I’ve just worked out exactly what you meant. Thank you. I hate not being able to find out what a computer is doing. Spent 30+ years delving into the bits and bytes of IBM computers and never gave up until they did what I told them to. My husband says I’m like a dog with a bone.

Yes if I am Joysofglass and comment via the newsfeed (still on my page) i am indeed credited with Joysofglass

If however i go to the page itself and comment from there i.e when actually on someone else’s page not mine, I am Joy Salt.

I was surprised as this morning, via the phone, I did manage a British Crafters Joysofglass comment - i must have done it from my page news feed rather than going onto the British Crafters page first

Thank you for enlightening me. I would say this is a bug !

(Joy Salt) #8


I’ve tried, first time tonight’ to do it via the web browser and have created a bookmark but though i am selecting the Joysof glass option it still tags me, when I’m on someone else’s page, as Joy Salt.

(Natalie Franca) #9

Oh how frustrating for you! Is it showing as a web view or the same view as the app? I’ve just done a screenshot of how mine looks

(Joy Salt) #10

Thanks for the screen print. Mine didn’t look quite like that so I amended the url to i.e to add the ?ref=hl as that is the url showing on my laptop. Then my screen on the phone did look just like the laptop… but …it had me in as Joy Salt and as soon as I did anything to ‘act as Joysofglass’ it reverted to the abbreviated facebook page display I had before and yet another test Like on British Crafters page was from Joy Salt again!

No idea what on earth it is doing but there again I have little idea what this phone does about most things.

Think I will have to live with it as many more failed attempts to get it to do what i want are likely to see it sailing through the laptop screen :frowning:
It’s useless anyway as a phone as we never have a mobile signal, have to switch on to special wifi app if I want to actually call anyone when I’m at home ! I don’t recommend O2 as a service provider in any of the places where I spend time (home Gloucestershire Uttoxeter …) as the signal is either absent or so poor as to be useless.

Thank you for listening to my frustrated ramblings.
Back to copper foiling my beachhuts.
Joy xx

(Natalie Franca) #11

Hi Joy

You’re welcome, I’m so sorry it didn’t work for you though :frowning: One last thing you could try (I’ve just tested it again on my phone) is log into the FB web version on your phone but as Joy Salt and then click on the button at the top on the very end on the right (the last one at the end under where then star is on my screenshot) which gives you the opton to change to your Joysofglass page and click again. It should hopefully then take you to your business page but as the web version and you can then go on any business page and comment as your page.

Fingers crossed!

I can’t believe the trouble you have to go to to get a mobile signal, that would drive me bonkers! I thought my EE signal was bad, but it’s nothing compared to that!

Good luck
Natalie xx