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(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #1

I have just shared “The Folksy Weekly” on F/b as Norfolkwoodcrafts but the post comes up as my own name Paul Griffiths, any ideas ? . It is definitely set to sharing and liking as Norfolkwoodcrafts.


(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #2

That went


(Karen McPherson) #3

In my defense, i’ve not been on in a while lol.

I think its just how Facebook is, when i share stuff on my page it shows as my personal profile too.

Don’t know too much about it tho to help you change it. Sorry.

Karen x

(Bojanglies) #4

Have you set FB to “act” as Norfolk woodcrafts?
I can share from my personal page onto my bojanglies page, which shows my name. But if I set it to act as Bojanglies, and share, it shares as Bojanglies to its page.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #5

Thanks Karen, you don’t need a defense lol
Thanks Bojanglies,yes I set it to Norfolkwoodcrafts and it shows Paul Griffiths. I saw the post you shared ,it showed for both Norfolkwoodcrafts and Paul Griffiths. I just don’t get it.


(Bojanglies) #6

in the blue menu bar on FB what name shows up?
is it Paul, or Norfolkwood?

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #7

At the moment it says “you are posting,commenting and liking as Norfolkwoodcrafts - change to Paul Griffiths”

(Bojanglies) #8

This is very strange! Are you using a computer, or a phone?

I can kind of understand it showing on both your personal and business page. But I can’t understand why it won’t share from your business page like mine did…

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #9

A computer. I tried to inform F/B, but couldn’t find how to do it, they probably don’t want to know about problems from somebody that they are not making anything out of. Anyway thanks for your help, I’ll probably change to Twitter at some point.


(Stephanie Guy) #10

Very odd. Mine says “You are posting, commenting and liking as Stephanie Guy Fine Art — Change to Stephanie Guy” and that is exactly what it does: it posts, likes and comments from Stephanie Guy Fine Art.

Have you tried switching everything off and on again? Sometimes things get mixed up and a reboot often sorts it all out.

(Norfolkwoodcrafts) #11

Thanks Stephanie, this has been going on for days ,or even weeks, so it has been switched on and off many times.