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Facebook but only if your reaaallly like the page!

(Amberlilly) #1

Im sure there is a thread on here already, but, thought a more up to date one.
How about liking but, only if you really like the page, not just for the sake of it, by just being nice LOL!
Liking from your personal page, allowing it to be in your feed.
Now, I know some people really only do this, and i think this is a better way, otherwise its a waste of everyones time. No one need to come back and say, just do it.
By just popping your link on this thread.
I don’t sale on my fb page but i link it to here.
What do you think? Worth a bash?
Of course, thats if its allowed?
I’m sure admin will tell me if not. LOL

(Kim Blythe) #2
(Jan Ryan) #3

I have a facebook page…

You’re welcome to pop over and say hi :slight_smile:

(Jan Ryan) #4

Hi Amberlilly, you need to pop your fb link on your post… :wink:

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(Amberlilly) #5

Thxs Jan.x

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(CopperTobi) #6

Very nice looking FB pages Ladies and Gents :slight_smile: You have some new likes there now :smile:) You can find me: .

(Elibee Designs) #7

Here is my link:-)

(Nicky Kennish) #8

Hi everyone,

I am working through you all. I wondered if you might actually support my partner’s page as he has only just gone on to facebook so needs the minimum likes to change the url ( I can’t remember how many it was to do this…was it 20?) He is looking at Folksy so might be selling here in due course!


(Rachel) #9

I have clicked and liked on the above pages, please may I include mine. Thank you

(Doalittledance) #10

Hi here’s my FB page :slight_smile: Like it using your page account and I’ll come and like yours back!


Only started my page yesterday, would really appreciate a couple of likes. Will like all other pages.

Many Thanks. Natasha x

(Nicky Kennish) #12

I have liked on you all to here (remember using personal profile as your page site won’t show on facebook stats ( a couple of you I had already liked so you might not notice a difference!)


(proggyandtweed) #13

As Amberlily says, only if you do actually like it.:slight_smile:
Thanks if you do.:slight_smile:

(proggyandtweed) #14

I love your little foxes @doalittledance

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(Jane Weaver) #15

This is me:

OK - am off to admire all of the pages above and like where I like!

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(Lisa Harrison) #16

I’ve dropped off some likes! :relaxed:
You can find me here

(Stringobeads) #17

Hi I have added some likes wow some great pages out there

(Stringobeads) #18

Sorry not that String O Beads whoops

(Stringobeads) #19

My word I must be stupid can`t work out how to get a link to my own Facebook page HELP anyone

(SaskiaN) #20

Fab idea! I’ll get to work looking at everyone’s pages tomorrow - this is mine: