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Facebook Catalogue data feeds

Hi there, I have recently swapped from Etsy to Folksy, previously using Etsy… I was able to upload my shop products data feed from Etsy to my facebook catalogue to enable shoppable images on Instagram… does anyone know if I can create the same sort of feed for my folksy shop to enable the same shoppable links from my catalogue??? that is linked via FB to folksy? if this makes sense??
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yes, I just did so. You need to create your etsy feed file from etsy and then just email it to support @ folksy including the name of your folksy shop.
your listings will be in draft mode until you categorise them and allocate shipping data.
Hope that helps ?

Hi Jo. At the moment most Folksy sellers created a Facebook catalogue for their Folksy shop and then upload their products manually. This is relatively easy to do and the method Facebook recommends for anyone with fewer than 50 items. There’s more information on how to do that here

What we want to do is enable Folksy sellers to add items using a data feed file. Hopefully we’ll be able to get that up and running very soon. We’ll let you know when that service is ready!


Hi was this for a catalogue advertising feed fii Ir instagram which is what I am trying to do or just to migrate your listings from Etsy to Folksy ? Thanks

oops, thought you wnated to migrate etsy listings to folksy. sorry

This is to create a Facebook catalogue that enables shopping tags on Instagram.

@folksycontent has this come into operation yet?