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Facebook 'likes'

(Bobbys Boutique) #1

Every one with Business pages on Facebook, I just noticed this message from Facebook on the top of my ‘insights’ section:

“We’ve recently updated the way we measure how many people like your Page. Pages may see a decrease in likes after 12 March, when we removed likes from inactive Facebook accounts”

This will be interesting, because my reach is no-where near the amount of ‘likes’ I have, and I have often wondered how many of my likes are from old, unused accounts. Hmmmm, I guess now I’ll find out…

(Heidi Meier) #2

I wonder if this is Facebook’s response to the allegations of Click farms i.e. people claiming the paid ads are not effective because FB or other advertisers is secretly somehow fiddling the figures by getting people in random countries to like pages and never to return to them! If so, I think it’s a good thing, as it should give people more confidence in the paid ads results. I think our pages will be relatively untouched (crossed fingers!!)… we may lose a few but hopefully not too many!!

(Bobbys Boutique) #3

I’ve been thinking about it this morning and came to the conclusion that if they’re not active Facebook users, then all I’ll actually lose will be numbers, no-one that is genuinely interested will be lost, so I guess it’s no bad thing really. But I’ll be very interested to see how much of a drop I get xx

(Heidi Meier) #4

I think it’s a good thing - er, fingers crossed!!! :smile:

And of course, if you do lose a few, then so will everyone else, so it’s sort of putting everyone on a level playing field…

(Samantha Stanley) #5

I was intrigued by this too. Of course, since FB and others never tell you precisely why they have done something it spawns conspiracy theories-they might just be having a virtual spring clean. I agree with the others on this thread that I don’t think I will cry too much if I loose a like from an inactive account.

Sam :fish: