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Help - I’m having problems due to the recent changes on FB

Someone has recently liked my page and made a comment on a photo I posted in a group elsewhere. I would really like to send her a message in reply to the comment but don’t really want to do so publicly as it would be personal to her (nothing nasty - all friendly :slight_smile: ) Since I can no longer log in as my page I can’t see any way of sending a message as my page and if I send it from my personal profile the only way to guarantee her seeing it is to “friend” her first which I don’t want to do as I don’t know her personally.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

I might have misunderstood your question, but as far as I’m aware we have never been allowed to send a private message to an individual from our FB business pages (unless they have sent us a private message and we are replying) This is because FB decided that business pages shouldn’t be able to initiate private messages, as there would be nothing stopping them from sending 1000s of spam messages to anyone they liked.
I think the only thing you can do is reply publicly and ask them to PM you if they want to discuss anything further etc

What Ali said certainly fits with my past experience - I’ve previously gone looking for a way of dropping someone a message but only been able to respond to messages already sent to me not initiate a new one.

Ali @millyandpip Ah - you could be right there - and probably are. Always thought I could message someone who had liked my page regardless of whether or not they had messaged me but maybe not.

You can send anyone a message from your personal page through Facebook messenger whether you’re friends with them or not. But yeah, you can only send a private message to someone through your business page if they’ve messaged you first.
Could you not reply publicly from your business page saying ‘if you send me a quick private message I can reply’ most people know the Facebook rules- I’ve done that with a few people before and they’ve been happy to do it.

In those circumstances I just Like the comment to acknowledge that I’ve seen it.

I also agree to all above… infact i would suggest that you reply in public. It will look nice when people see that you reply to the comments.

I can message as my page to people that have commented, and who I don’t have a friends, and who I’ve never messaged before. I just tested it and it still works (didn’t actually send a message, but clicked on it and it said I was messaging as JoSaraDesign). Under each comment (as long as it’s not another page commenting) it has the option to Like, Reply or Message. I make sure I’ve swapped to my page on the drop down arrow on the top right of my page, so that might be why I can message as my page. Or, in Settings, under Post Attribution, tag it to Post as ****** (your page), that might be why I can message as my page. Either way I can definitely message someone, without them messaging first, and without them being a friend, or me following them in any way on FB, from a comment made on one of my posts.


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Yes JoSara @JoSara - I have done that before but I think it only works if they have commented on a post you have put on your own page - the option to message doesn’t seem to appear if your post was to a group.

Ah, thought there was probably more to it than I understood, missed the bit about it being on a group page. I suppose that makes sense for you not to be able to message on a group page. It probably works the same as a business page in that the group admin are the only ones that can message from a comment. A good thing I suppose. If you post one someone’s page, you probably wouldn’t mind them contacting you, but you might not want a random other follower to be able to do it.


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Ah yes, you are correct. I can PM people who have commented on my business page, but it seems that I cannot PM people who have commented on another business page, which I am not an admin on

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If you message someone who you are not friends with they will still see it. They will receive a ‘message request’ where they can see the message and who it’s from before actually opening it. They can then choose whether to accept your message or not.

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I was referring to this part of Roz’s post:

Quote: and if I send it from my personal profile the only way to guarantee her seeing it is to “friend” her first which I don’t want to do as I don’t know her personally

Thanks for replies - one day I will get my head round FB but every time I think I’ve sussed it they change the way it works!