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Facebook or twitter?

(Ali Joyce) #1

I’ve been finding my Facebook post reach is shocking - perhaps as little as seven or eight for over one thousand people who have liked my page. I’ve resorted to mainly picture shares for my posts, because if anything they get a better reach. I really like using Twitter although I have significantly fewer followers. I’m thinking of using Twitter only and ditching Facebook altogether - has anyone else done the same or does anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

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(Ali Millard) #2

I personally would keep both as they have different reaches. Tweets are instant and disappear quickly, yet FB posts stay around for much longer.
Different users use different platforms too, so you may find that Twitter is better to reach 25-35 year olds, and FB is better to reach 35-46 year olds for example, that’s why I think it’s useful to use all free social media platforms.
I only post on FB a few times a week (it’s not my favourite platform by the way) but I do it to keep a presence on FB, sometimes my reach is tiny, but I’ve had more customers contact me via FB than any other social media platform, so for that reason alone, it’s worth doing for me.
Do you link your FB to Twitter? Mine is linked, so that when I post on FB it appears on Twitter (I don’t link it the other way round so that my tweets appear on FB) It can be a good way to get your FB page seen by more people.

(Ali Joyce) #3

That’s really helpful - thank you. I haven’t linked Facebook to Twitter but that’s a really good suggestion.

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(Ali Millard) #4

You’re welcome. I would recommend only doing it one way, so your FB posts appear on Twitter, not the other way round, as tweets don’t make a lot of sense on FB x

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(Ali Joyce) #5

Thank you I think they’re linked now!
Ali x

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(Melanie Commins) #6

Have you tried instagram? It’s my current favourite, although I do use the other two as well.

I find twitter somewhat frenetic, facebook kind of creeps me out (and I don’t have a personal page so am limited to what I can do with my business page), but I find instagram to be a fun way of sharing things and I enjoy browsing what other people have posted there.

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(Ali Joyce) #7

Yes I’ll have to look into IG - you’re right Facebook creeps me out too!! Too much information some times!

(Emily Clayton) #8

Hi everyone, I also would like some advice on Facebook. I don’t know where to go to invite friends etc from my Precious Moments Crafts shop. I try to click on the drop down “…” and then choose Invite friends, but when I click on it goes nowhere - am I doing something wrong or is my settings wrong - PLEASE help - thanks so much x