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Facebook selling help

(Juniper Spools) #1

I am looking at selling through facebook and wanted some advice.

Do you send invoices through paypal? Do you need thier email address to do this or do you just give them yours for them to pay?

Any help gratefully received.

(Jo Sara) #2

You only need their email address. When you go into Paypal there’s a tab for Send and Request money. Then there’s a selection for Create an Invoice and their email address goes into the Recipient’s box. You only need to fill out the item details, price and p&p and then send. You can even add a logo to your invoice to it ties in with your other shop branding and makes it look more reassuring to people that might be a bit worried about buying things through Facebook.


(Juniper Spools) #3

Oh thank you, that sound reassuringly simple enough for me to manage.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

Just to add a note. Paypal provides both “Buyer Protection” and also “Seller Protection” (see their info for all the details). If you let someone send the payment to you as a “gift” or “money owed”, you are not only on dodgy ground in legal terms, but also you’re depriving both your customer and yourself of the Paypal protections.

From the point of view of tax records and legal stuff (like consumer rights - returning goods etc), you should make sure you raise a proper Invoice every single time you sell to a customer. Keep a system for numbering them (I just use the year and number sequentially for that year).
Keep all your invoices, copies of receipts for what you send to customers (ie. their receipts if you issue them), also receipts for any purchases you make for your business. Even if it’s business done via Facebook, it’s still a “real business” and you’re still liable to declare any sales/income (and outgoings) from Facebook transactions, when you complete your tax return.

Good luck with your Facebook sales!