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Paypal invoices for problems paying

Hi. I think I’ve read on here that if you have a customer having difficulties paying, you can send another paypal invoice to that person yourself. Can someone please tell me, is it straightforward? do you log into your own paypal account to do this, and, is it better to do this than requesting the customer simply does a bank transfer into your bank account? with you adding on the postage costs. Many thanks, Petra

Hi Petra,

Yes, you do log in to your paypal account and there is somewhere on there I think that says create or send invoice. It’s so long since I did this I can’t quite remember exactly but it is straighforward. I’m sure someone who has done this recently will pop on the thread.

Thanks Dawn. I think Ive found it now. I’d always presumed it was on the dashboard, which is stupid really, (as well as praying that I never had an awkward payment to deal with.) Still, you only learn when it happens to you! Ta

Paypal invoices are really straight forward - log into your paypal dashboard then under ‘tools’ you will see ‘invoices’ and then ‘create invoice’. A template will open and you just fill in the details and hit send (it does require the email address of your customer). They will receive an email with a link in it which takes them to a secure page where they can put their card details in - no need to sign in or have an account.
‘Better’ is relative - you can give them your bank account details (and generate an invoice/ reference number for them that allows you to match up their payment with the order) which means you avoid the paypal fees (3.4% +20p) however I’m not sure what sort of seller protection you have (or buyer protection they have) if they claim to the bank the payment was made fraudulently. For me if its a repeat customer then I’ll do bank transfers, if they are unknown to me then its a paypal invoice.

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The invoices are nice and easy to fill out and then you just need the customers email address. They can pay by paypal or card and I have used it several times. They let you know when it has been paid. Very useful. x

Thanks Sasha, that’s really useful. I always turned a blind eye to peoples payment problems on the forums, and kept my fingers crossed it never happened to me! Anyhow, I’ve now learnt one more thing, so can’t be bad. Thank you.

And ta to you too Claire. Always reassuring to have a few people give the thumbs up! Thanks for taking the time.

Yaaaayyyy. Mission accomplished!