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Selling on Facebook

(Peaceofgem) #1


I recently had someone ask me if they could buy from me through facebook… I know this can be done but I am not sure how this actually works or how safe this is.

Any advice would be very much appreciated :smile:


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi Lucy, I’ve bought things several times through Facebook. I send the seller my email address and they send me a paypal invoice which I then pay. It’s perfectly safe, congrats on the sale!

(Peaceofgem) #3

Hi Louisa

Thanks for your advice…I have been searching online for info on this, but all I seem to find are e-commerce apps to add to a business page. This approach of sending a paypal invoice sounds so much easier!!

Thank you again very much

(Stephanie Guy) #4

It’s very easy Lucy, you just click on the request money tab and then the send an invoice tab.

Congrats on the sale!

(Roz) #5

Selling on facebook is fine when it works ok but often I find in the process of messaging details/invoices backwards and forwards notifications often get lost or missed and by the time everything is set up the customer has often gone off the boil and decided not to bother or found similar elsewhere, especially if it was an impulse buy. I find it a lot easier to direct people to my folksy shop to make the purchase, I generally add a link to my folksy shop in the items description (good promotion for folksy generally anyway). I know it means you have to pay the commission but I’d rather do that for a smooth hassle free sale :smile:

(Illustration + Ceramics) #6

I agree with Roz and also direct people to folksy. I had one though who said she didn’t know much about folksy or etsy for that matter and that she preferred to do the deal via FB. It came to nothing in the end (maybe because i was too reluctant). I just wasn’t too comfortable selling this way. Seems i was being too cautious ?! …

(Jan Ryan) #7

I’ve often sold things via facebook and never had any problems, I usually send a pay pal invoice. I also have a couple of regular customers who pay direct into my pay pal. :smile: