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Does anybody know how to get rid of the horrible darkness on the cover photo on Facebook shop pages. I updated mine yesterday and tried lots of different photos - all really light, but the darkness is still there. It spoils the look of my shop page, as my items are aimed at young children. It needs to look bright and cheerful, not gloomy.

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I thought it was only me! No matter how hard I try my photos always look dark on the Folksy page, but the same shots are lovely and bright on Instagram. I’ve noticed they look darker on FB too, but not as dark as Folksy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Sam x

Can you post the links to the pages you are talking about? I’ve looked at both your FB page and your Folksy shop and neither are dark to me.

It’s not my ordinary photos that look dark - they always look fine. It’s the one that’s right at the top of my Facebook page - the heading picture with the profile picture in it. The little profile picture is fine but the background picture is really dark. Here’s a screenshot of it.

I have noticed that my header pictures look dark on a phone but normal on my laptop

I think facebook just like putting a darkening gradient on cover photos so I doubt there’s any way to change it as it’ll be the same for everyone.
But saying that I’m sure I used to see all pages’ cover photos like that, but after double checking some pages (including yours) it’s just showing the cover photos normally with no shading for me now. I’m hoping that means they’re giving up on doing it and hopefully they’ll start showing normally for everyone soon because it doesn’t make them look better. I’d guess it’s because on the photo you posted there’s white text over the image, so they have to make sure it’s dark enough the text will be able to be read, but the layout might have changed recently as I don’t have any overlaying text when I look.

Thanks Kim. Hope they change it soon. I tried lots of different pictures at first, thinking it was me but I think you’re right, it’s just something Facebook do.

I don’t have the gradient when I view it either on my phone or laptop?

How weird! Oh well - at least other people are getting a nice bright picture. Thanks for your help.