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Facebook won't add my products to my business page account!

I’m having a major problem with Facebook which in turn is not helping me with Instagram.

I have a Facebook Business Page, but they won’t let me put my digital prints in the shop catalogue, Which means that although the FB page is linked to my Folksy store, when I upload a new product, instead of adding it to my FB shop catalogue, I just get a message telling me they won’t add it because I’m not allowed to sell digital products or downloads!!!

And because of that, when I try to link my Instagram to my Facebook, it keeps sending me an error message because I have no products in my catalogue.

Which means I can’t have links to my product pages in my store.

Is there another way around it? I’ve been trying to converse with Facebook, but that’s nigh on impossible.

What is amazing though is that Facebook still keeps trying to get me to buy adds for the products I add manually to my page,

Can you just list it in your facebook catalogue as a print, so long as the full description is on your folksy page before checkout and you put it on your Instagram post then you are not misleading anyone. I keep my facebook catalogue descriptions to a minimum as they are just to be able to link to my folksy shop.

I am in the other situation of having trying to link my Folksy shop to FB page but could not figure it out; so have to manually lupload each item; plus can’t link to instagram shop either - so my way around it to post the links to my items in my feed instead.

From what I can see they are taking the details from my folksy posts. I changed the titles to try and bypass the situation but it’s not made any difference.
I expect I’ll just have to list them on Facebook individually,
It’s just annoying that it causes more work because if FB would allow it, then it automatically would link to instgram as well.
Thanks for your reply.

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That’s the problem. It means nothing gets done automatically. It causes you more work. And with Instagram not allowing individual links, it makes it harder fore the buyer to find things.
Thanks for replying.

I figured out one way of uploading from the other online shopping platform. They had a way of downloading your listings as an XML file so I tweeked it based on the FB XML and then i linked that file back to FB shop; listedall my items at the same time. I beat the FB lottery :))

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Correction: I used the CVS file that you can download if you were to transfer listings over to Folksy, and tweeked that with the colums suggested by FB when you download their CVS template to bulk upload. If anyone needs a hand I am happy to help :slight_smile:

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