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Fake order from China - anyone else?

(Christine Shephard) #1

I’ve just received an order (without payment) from with a rubbish name and address, with China as the country. Obviously fake, but why? As they get my name, address, email address etc when they place the order, does this mean I’ll now be spammed to death by this company? Or do they have another motive?

Anyone else been targeted?

Fake Buyers?
(Deborah Jones) #2

yes I had one too , cancelled it straight away.

I wondered if it was a phishing thing , or if my design is now going to be mass produced .


I’ve had them from Russia and Israel so far but not from China…yet.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I’m afraid the more people discover Folksy the more of these sort of thing we’ll get. Folksy is a bit more widespread ie more links on the internet for it then when it first started.

(Christine Shephard) #5

I suppose it’s only because they can order without paying that they do it. I never get them on et*y because they would have to pay for it!

(Lesley Bywater) #6

I had one too, from Australia, buying the most expensive item in my shop. The postal address was a fake (ie not filled in correctly) so I just cancelled the order.

Not had any problems since this, and didn’t really know what they were trying to acheive?


(Jenny Baxter) #7

I am rather concerned about this, i.e. that our contact details are given to anyone who goes through the motions of placing an order, then doesn’t pay. @folksystaff - can this please be changed so that contact details are only given once payment has been paid? While I appreciate it is a legal requirement for a genuine buyer to have these details, as it stands, this could become a major security threat, letting anyone know where we live (given that, for most of us, our trading addresses are our home addresses), not to mention the potential amount of spam and extra work involved in evaluating these ‘orders’, relisting etc., should this practice spread.

(Ali Millard) #8

I was under the impression that customers only get our email addresses if we emailed them. So when a customer places an order, they do not get our email address, but if we then contact the customer via their email, to thank them for their order or to ask them a question etc, the customer then has our email address. I might be totally wrong though, it would be great if @folksycontent could clarify this x

(Camilla) #9

You’re right @RavelloDesigns and @millyandpip, a customer does currently receive an email that includes the seller’s email address when they order an item. We’re going to be changing this very soon so that they only receive your email address once they have paid.

(Minerva) #11

Is it only the email address they get at that stage or physical address as well?

(Camilla) #12

They get the business address when they place the order. Again, this is going to change and it’s one of the reasons we’re changing the notifications both buyers and sellers get when an order is placed.