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Fancy promoting your business LIVE online with me?

Hi Ya
I have an idea for a new opportunity to help you promote your business LIVE online to others.

I have been exposed to something new and exciting. It’s a new live streaming platform (meaning everything happens in real time), kind of like periscope (that’s if you know that platform). With this new platform up to 4 people can talk to each other. Or you can simply watch, listen and engage via the comment section. Also anyone can pop into a session and watch.

I saw the possibility and thought I could create a ** LIVE “Meet the Makers & their Creations”** type of event it would be free. As the platform is newish i don’t know if they will monetize it later. But while its free and growing fast, get in now.

It would last about 1 hr or so, each maker (meaning YOU) would have like 5-10 mins to share who you are, what you create, a link to your shop & blog. An most importantly show 2 or more of your products that you have available for sale.
Unless you create custom products, then you would show samples. An as people can pop into this session new people will get to see your products, ans see your shop links.

I think it would be a great new opportunity for makers to promote their business in an authentic real way.

Do you think its a good idea? I think it could really help makers become more visual and be exposed to new people (hopefully new customers)

Everything I do via my blog & think about is to help you get more business and to get the world to know you create amazing creations.

So I would love your honest feedback .

1 - Would you take part in this live event?
2 - Would you just watch, & engage in the comments (which is fine).
3 - Would you take part eventually (you need time to settle in :))

I would need lots of creatives like you to come on live for this to work. Just to let you know, if you answer yes to question 1 I would love for you to be one of the first to try this very new event with me.
Please simply answer yes or no to question 1 2 & 3 :)… or tell me what you think, any further suggestions?

It could be a weekly event, but it has to appeal to you because its about helping you promote your creations.

Thanks for reading
Blessings Janet

P.s I asked my email list 1st, an they like the idea. I am asking the Folksy community because I believe more people need to know about Folksy and the great creations that are here. I live in the uk and have a soft spot for helping my fellow uk creatives get known and grow their businesses.

I just wanted you to know why I’m asking in this forum first before I ask else where. .