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What is happening {or not}

(Dawn Marshall) #1

I just dont know what else to do,my views are very good and yet still i havent had a sale since october 26th and then they didnt pay lol…
Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.I am pretty active on the forums,i have a page on facebook linking all my cards back to my folksy shop,when i list an item i always tweet it although im not quite sure how to do it on its own. Could some of you kind people pop and have a look at my shop and maybe give me some pointers please.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

My ‘in the flesh’ sales are far better than my folksy sales so have you considered doing some local craft fairs/ christmas markets? I’ve found that once people see my jewellery in the flesh they are then happier to buy it via the web (or as happens just drop me an email having seen it on the web). Hopefully you would be able to sell enough christmas type cards to cover costs and then people might come back to you when they were looking for other cards (obviously business cards for them to keep are key for that to work!). If you want to find local craft events try looking on
hope thats helpful

(Dawn Marshall) #3

thankyou…i havent seen anything advertised local at all

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Do you use any other forms of social media to promote your work besides twitter and facebook?

The wider you promote the more chance you’re work will be seen.

do you use pinterest, craftjuice, google*, wanelo, or instgram?

I notice you join in some of the forum threads if you join the weekly listing one we all pin each other item on the thread to help spread each other’s items around.

If you use craftjuice there’s thread for all who use craftjuice.

You cards are pretty but you don’t say or show if the inside is left plain or with a message.

all the best.

(Dawn Marshall) #5

hi,when i list an item i use pinterest but i havent heard of the others, please tell me more maybe a link if poss

(Dawn Marshall) #6

As far as i know all my cards state a blank insert is included. i may have missed one but i am not aware of this

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I only looked at one of your descriptions so it might have been one you missed.

ok I’ll give you links to my ones hope it works

I don’t use instrgram myself but you can google it.

hope the links help

(Dawn Marshall) #8

thankyou…i will have a good look in the morning when the house is empty,if you know what i mean

(Silvapagan) #9

Perhaps change your Twitter background and avatar to match your shop? And follow a lot more people from all walks of life, not just those involved with crafts.

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #10

Hi Dawn I don’t know why you haven’t had a sale since october as I have bought a few of your cards and they are lovely.Your prices are very reasonable in fact I would say you are too cheap!
Folksy is really slow for me and I do much better on another site. Have you tried gift shops and garden centres to see if they would sell your cards for you. And yes fairs etc but I gave up on those. Also work places?
I don’t promote much ,I do try but at moment haven’t a moment as busy but my sales ate coming from all different places.

(Dawn Marshall) #11

We havent anything near us at all like that and there are only 3 of us in the shop where i work.sometimes i think s… it and give up but i love making them, the only problem is it can get expensive buying things and not getting anything back …dawn

(Dawn Marshall) #12

HI thanks for the reply…i dont really understand how twitter works and only tweet through here so any tips would be very welcome…dawn

(Silvapagan) #13

Twitter works by allowing individuals to tell the world what they are currently doing. That’s its basic function. You can sit there talking (tweeting) to yourself, or you can follow other people that interest you who will sometimes follow you back because they are interested in seeing what you are up to.

When you follow people, you see their tweets in your timeline. If you like what they say, you can re-tweet their tweet, which will show it to all of the other people following you.

For example. I follow Miss A, Mr B and Mrs C. Miss A also follows me but not the other two. I re-tweet something that Mr B tweets, and Miss A also sees it. Miss A likes it too, and re-tweets it, and another 150 of Miss A’s followers also got to see it even though they are not following Mr B. But after seeing the re-tweet, they might decide to follow Mr B as well.

That’s how you can also use Twitter to promote your items for sale, your crafts, things you are attending, and anything else connected with your business (or not, if you decide to have a general account for yourself, rather than just an account that is only focused on your business).

It is good to follow a wide range of different people, so that they will have an even wider follower base that would see any re-tweets.

It is good to TALK to other people, and not just tweet things you want to sell all the time. Twitter works best when you communicate rather than market, and people like to get reactions to the things they tweet. It’s a 2-way street.

Above all, it’s supposed to be fun. It wasn’t designed for selling, and it’s actually become a really good source for breaking news around the world, but you can use it to promote gently.

(Dawn Marshall) #14

thankyou, as i said i just tweet when i have listed something but that is just clicking a button…i will have a play…many thanks