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Featured items on your shop window

Hi everyone, hope you all well and having a lovely day.

Need some advice, I have 2 questions

  • How to you change my front page not to show how many items I have sold
  • How do you add a “Featured Items” to your front page, or is this something that only Folksy admin can do?

Thanks for your help with this
Many thanks

Featured items you can change via the ‘shop keeping tab’ on the dashboard. Not sure about the other question - its never crossed my mind to remove that number.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will try the dashboard. I see some shopkeepers don’t show their sales numbers. Much appreciated x

Thanks Sasha - got it working, now just for the sold items :wink:

I think it doesn’t show the number if its under 50.

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This might help

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I can’t wait until I get a number showing! If a shop doesn’t have it then it just means they haven’t sold much yet, we don’t have a choice in whether it shows or not.

I think featured items are only an option for people with a plus account, but as I see you have that, as @SashaGarrett says, you should find the option under “shopkeeping” on your dashboard (which is also where you reorder your shop… took me a while to realise we could do that).


It does show under 50 - II’ve only just got that far but mine has always shown.

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Thanks Kim for the feedback x

Me too, been on here ages and not hit 50 yet.

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Took me a while but then i have not really been active on social media and Folksy talk. Hopefully it will pick up. Good luck to you all for lots of sales xx

@SilvanaJewellery and @Amberlilly I wonder if numbers under 50 are only visible to the shop owners themselves. Lindsay, when I look at your shop there is no number visible. I wonder if it’s just visible to you because you’re logged in and it’s your shop. If you viewed your shop without being logged in, perhaps it wouldn’t be there. I can’t tell with yours Silvana because you now have 50 sales, so it’s showing anyway.

Edit - sorry Lindsay, I’ve just realised I mis-read your post and you weren’t saying what I thought you were!


Lol. No I’ve not reached the magic number :grin:

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