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Shop help needed!

(Sue Bithell) #1

Hi there, I was thinking of closing my Folksy shop – I haven’t sold anything on there for a while now. I noticed that other shops seem to have three larger images at the top of their shop page – like featured items. I think my shop needs a bit of updating! Maybe the old style shop I have is putting customers off. Does anyone know how to get the three images at the top of their page? Many thanks, sue

(Liz Dyson) #2

Hi, Sue, you need to go to Dashboard. On the left hand side you will see Shopkeeping about half way down. Click on that and you should see all of your items with a list of the Collections beneath each item. To the right of that is a Feature button in blue. Just click on at least three Feature buttons and you will have your large featured items at the top of your shop page. At first I only featured three items as I didn’t understand what it meant but now I have loads with the Feature button clicked and then each time you go into my shop the three large featured items are different.

Hope I’ve explained this right. Good luck with your shop.


(Sue Bithell) #3

Hi Liz, that’s great. Thanks very much for your help! I’ll give it a go. sue x

(Sue Bithell) #4

I just tried it, but it’s not available to me as I only have the regular account, not a Folksy plus account. What a shame. Etsy don’t charge for having featured items.

(Karen McPherson) #5

I have the regular account too and I have it. You need to create categories then add the relevant items to each one.

Its all done through shopkeeping.

Hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile:

Karen xx

(Sue Bithell) #6

Hi Karen, thanks for your response! Much appreciated. I have just created the categories - the shop is looking better already! The only bit I can’t have because I only have the basic account, is the three featured items at the very top of the page. They make the shop look a whole lot better and really professional. Unfortunately, it’s not viable for me to upgrade at the moment. sue x

(Karen McPherson) #7

I’ve never seen them. I’ll need to go snoop around.

Glad you feel the categories helped. They are a god send to my shop.

Karen xx

(Liz Dyson) #8

I’ve got them on mine, Karen, if you want to take a peek?


(Joy Salt) #9

Liz You have a Plus account - that’s why you have them and Sue hasn’t.

(Yeah Susan Claire) #10

Hello all!

I am just wondering if anybody knows how to create multiple sizes for the same listing? I would like to offer the same print in size A4 and A3.

Any ideas much appreciated!

Thanks x

(Shirley Woosey) #11

@YeahSusanClaire Hi Susan,

Unfortunately you can’t offer variations of different sizes on Folksy, if they are different prices.
You will need a separate listing for each size.

If they are the same price (which I doubt) you can ask the customer to message you with the size you want. But that leads to problems because customer often don’t realise they need to do this and when you ask them they don’t always get back to you very quickly.

I have a different listing for each different size of cover even if the fabrics are the same.

Shirley x

(Beverley Hartley) #12

Oooh! The shopkeeping button. That answers my question before I asked it. Many thanks, great thread. I’m not here often I think I like the new forums. Bev.