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When did you get your first sales?

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

Hi all when did you get your first sale?

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #2

Hi Astrid!

I think it was about a month or so - possibly more ; but I’ve only had 2 from here.x

(Oh Button Me) #3

Think it was a month or two only had four so far.

(Karen Ellam) #4


I think it took two months for my first sale. Such a buzz when it eventually happens :slight_smile:. I don’t think that feeling of excitement ever goes away when a sale happens​:innocent:

Karen :palm_tree:

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #5

I started here in May and had 2 sales mid June, nowt on here since but it was hard to work on promoting while the kids were off school. Now they are back and I’ve hopefully got myself better organised things will pick up. It would also help if Folksy promoted themselves more, everyone I speak to has said they have never heard of Folksy but they have heard of a similar US based site beginning with E. It would just raise the trust of customers if they had heard of this market place in my opinion

(Leathermeister) #6

I have been here since the middle of June and still waiting for my first sale. I have had several sales of items I have displayed in my shop so its not all bad news.

(Joy Salt) #7


Had a look through your shop - you have some lovely things. I’m sure you will soon start to sell from it, as long as you make sure that everyone out there in the big wide internet world knows that your shop is there - which means promotion, promotion and promotion

just one point … eeeer I think you need to review your postal charges.
One Christmas label was £2 for one and £7 for additional items.
And this one makes me wonder if you are sending it by private taxi :slight_smile: (or maybe you put the fullstop in the wrong place).

Joy xx

(Margaret Jackson) #8

I agree with Joy, £60 postage would be a little off putting!lol