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Folksy 365 - Daily Listers Challenge Thread - OCTOBER 2017


Another pair of earrings from me today:

(Brenda Cumming) #404

good morning all…the mornings are getting darker now…winter is looming…time to stay in and create.
Today I have a purple aceo landscape

(Patricia Smith) #405

Morning. I have one to add to the tally today please Max @paperchainsandbeads! Back later with a listing I hope.

(Louise) #406

Morning everyone

Had to giggle at the stories of hubbies falling asleep during Bladerunner, were desperate to go see it (we loved the original) and have had work colleagues telling us its amazing. Now Im a bit apprehensive about going to see it lol

I have some tea light sets to offer today

I’ve a few commission pieces to work on (not Folksy related) but one involves picking up the jewellery tools for the the first time since my hand surgery… wish me luck

(Deborah Jones) #407

Morning all,another grey wet one here, perfect workshop day!

Louise strong coffee before you go to the cinema! Hope the commissions go well and that your hand is pain free. @Tealiteful

(Trevor Harvey) #408

Good morning, grey and damp here in the Medway valley this morning, ideal for me to catch up on things…
Here’s my listing for today:

(Kennelcraft) #409

(Thedotterypotter) #410

Sorry I was awol yesterday - I came back from the post office at 3pm with a blinding headache and more or less slept until this morning!! I haven’t felt that ill with a headache for years!

I’ll try and catch up with loving and pinning everything I missed yesterday and list later x

(Sue Beacham) #411

Another day is here and here is My latest listed painting, Woodland Abstract

Have a good day everyone


(PollysWares138) #412

Morning All sorry I’ve been absent for a few days. Really busy at the moment with knitting orders from the other side and my own Christmas gifts for all of my nephews and neices and their children. There are 21 in all of them to make. 5 down and 16 to go.

All caught up for today.

Today is a gorgeous sparkly bracelet using shamballa beads.

(Midnight Star Designs) #413

Hi everyone would it be ok to come back and join in? Been trying to get the shop reorganised and restocked for hopefully more shoppers coming up to the big one! Were now moved home and starting to get settled, Ella has started nursery and is loving it, been a big change but were getting used to it all!

Heres my first one

(Sue) #414

We’ve finally got the internet back, we are all so happy and relieved. I have no idea what it was as we’d all gone out for a long walk yesterday to stop us going crazy, and because we like walks in the woods at this time of year! In the meantime my son popped in between lectures and sorted it, so I’ve don’t know what he did as I haven’t actually spoken to him. On Saturday he said it was a fault at the providers end not ours. Does this happen to other people, or is it just us? Would you know what to do if it did? I didn’t even know we were with Sky until Saturday! We have always left the internet up to my son as he seems to know what he’s doing.
I seemed to have missed a birthday Belated happy birthday Patricia @silverbirchstudio please forgive me if I’ve missed anything else, I only skim read all the posts in the last few days.
Today’s listing

On a side note, we were very relieved to hear the son who fixed our internet managed to get back into university after failing his maths on the foundation year. He’s a mature student, and hadn’t done maths since year 10. With some extra coaching this summer he got through with flying colours on the resit, and had already done well in the other components of the course, I hope he can stick the next 4 to 5 years out. He’d had enough of the education system by the age of 18, but now seems to enjoy it again. Just my daughter and her lack of placements to worry about now! There is always something isn’t there?

(Patricia Smith) #415

Thank you Sue for the birthday wishes. Glad to hear that you’ve got your internet back at last and congrats to your son on his Maths result! I just love that bauble - beautiful!

(Stephanie Short) #416

Morning everyone
Early Baking done, mid ironing now, :rage: I get so easily distracted whilst ironing, wonder why that is??.. :thinking:
Sorry I missed your birthday Patricia @silverbirchstudio but I hope you had a good day xx
Great about your son sue @SueTrevor , camerons in his third year now and even though he’s happy doing the course etc he’s still unsure which way to Go at the end of it .
Here’s some more Xmas cards today
Max @paperchainsandbeads I’ve a sale for supply tally please X
Sales are very slow at the moment, a bit worrying given the time of year. Or us that just me??

Steph x

(Lisa Harrison) #417

Morning all, this for today

(Roz) #418

Two hours of admin and then a further 2 for my tax return - now all done so I am treating myself to a browse on the internet before embarking on the next job.

Welcome back Coleen @MidnightStarDesigns - I saw on FB that you had moved, hope you are very happy in your new home.

OMG Louise @Tealiteful - those wax melts are amazing. Got my parcel today and couldn’t wait to get one going - I am now surrounded by the heavenly scent of winter honeysuckle and elderflower. Hope the jewellery making goes well but not too well - don’t want you giving up the new business and going back to jewellery, have a feeling I may be a repeat customer! Off to leave a 5* review!

(Louise) #419

Roz @OrchardFelts you have just made my day. I’m so happy you like them! Don’t worry though, of the jewellery goes well it’ll just be for special bits for family. I’m too scared to cause a year more damage :see_no_evil:

Colleen @MidnightStarDesigns it’s so good to see you here. I hope your settling in well and gorgeous Ella is doing well x

(Midnight Star Designs) #420

Thanks Roz @OrchardFelts and Louise @Tealiteful :slight_smile: xxxx

(OneDayinMay) #421

Hello, I’ve just listed my new prints for new babies and special mums:

Many thanks as always.

(Mel) #422

I’ve got something a little Christmassy today