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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - AUGUST 2018

(carolinefrodsham) #361

Afternoon all . At last I finished these earrings off ! :smile:
I am quite pleased with them :smile:
Meant to say yesterday Sarah @thedotterypotter that this is the most difficult part of the children flying the nest- the waiting and preparing them for the off . It will get easier . But just now it’s hard to believe . I had to keep my daughter’s bedroom door shut for ages and ages as I could not bear seeing her empty (well empty of her - its crammed with her stuff even now) Thinking of you . It is very upsetting but we know it has to happen . Hope you are ok .

Take care all

(Helen Healey) #362

I’ve had a bit of a play with the new sewing machine now. It’s certainly going to take a bit of getting used to but at least I know how to work it now. I think I may be alternating between machines for the foreseeable future as I still love my trusty old one and it still works fine.

My new listing today is another cushion. It includes a bit of cross-stitching - something I used to do ALL the time many years ago and now do very rarely!

(Brenda Cumming) #363

am I being unfair?
It takes a lot of time to like and share all the beautiful work on here and then on top of that people have jobs and families to look after…not to mention the crafting…
BUT when I see a shop pop up on this thread and they might only have 5 or 6 items in their shop and it is obvious that they cannot possibly list an item a day…then I do NOT go and like their item (I bet they don’t do the clicking on OURS !!)…
However I DO make a note of who I miss and if they start joining in and play fairly then I will go back and favourite the “missed” items and any others in their shops…
I don’t count the regular people who pop in when they can (we are all busy, have holidays, miss out days etc ) but it does irk me sometimes…(and I do make allowances for newbies who haven’t read what the thread is about and maybe list in the wrong place…)
Am I being mean>

(Roz) #364

Oh that fordite Sasha @SashaGarrett - its set me drooling!
Love the earrings Caroline @carolinefrodsham - made me think Port & Starboard!

Well I’ve had a busy day today - my todo list and my done list don’t quite match up as I went off at a bit of a tangent but I did manage to make something new. Never quite got around to the “take photos” item on the list so have nothing new to share today so will have to be a relist I’m afraid… maybe tomorrow!

(Deborah Jones) #365

Afternoon all.
Another day gone in a flash, can’t quite believe it is already nearly Friday again, and daughter will be back.

Sarah @thedotterypotter I feel for you regarding your youngest going off to uni, I have been feeling twinges of what it will be like, with daughter being away. If they go off confident, we have done a good job I reckon, but we have to put ourselves back together and re adjust afterwards.

Brenda @teabreaks do what you feel comfortable doing and don’t worry about it x

(Max Pring) #366

evening folks, hope you ahve all had a good day, hope your legs are better tonight Pauline @PollysWares138, I had awful cramp on Saturday night and it took 3 days for the ache to go so I can sympathise.

Brenda @teabreaks, only thing I can suggest is do what you feel comfortable doing, and if in doubt just just skip past.

(Brenda Cumming) #367

Thanks Deborah and Max…I do favourite everyone and occasionally skip someone if I think they are just here for a few “Likes”
faved to here…lol x

(Valerie Farrell) #368

Please can someone help . I don’t seem to be able to put a picture up which goes straight to the listing like in Deborahs last post. I’m still copying the link


(Linda Wild) #369

All caught up to here. A new makeup bag today

(Max Pring) #370

Valerie after you have copied and pasted the photograph link, click the little ‘show more’ highlighted text down on the right hand side, this will bring up another box underneath the picture link, if you then copy and paste the listing url (the same one you paste into the post) in the second box you should get a clickable link picture. I think Sasha did a post a while back I’ll go see if I can find it now :slight_smile:

(Valerie Farrell) #371

Thanks Max

(Thedotterypotter) #372

Valerie @valerie - I made a little walkthrough of how to get a big photo with a link but they have changed the icon since I made it. You now need to click on the icon of the landscape photograph (I think that’s what it is!)

How to create a large clickable picture in your forum posts

(Max Pring) #373

ha just found it it too was Sarah not Sasha sorry! :slight_smile: I blame the menopause memory :wink:

(Thedotterypotter) #374

Haha…it started with an S, so I think you did pretty well Max x

(Julie Lewis) #375

Good Evening Everyone
Cheerful card this listing.
Lovely steady rain most of day, that will be good for gardens.
All the best Adrianx

(Thatenamelguy) #376

Seen a brilliant movie at this afternoons silver screening, ‘Leave No Trace.’ Between that and this morning’s shop this is a soon as I have had the chance to make my relisting for today.

(Valerie Farrell) #377


(Valerie Farrell) #378

Must be doing something wrong. Its not clickable

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #379

Evening everyone.
Thinking of you Colleen @MidnightStarDesigns.
Brenda @teabreaks I there are alot of people at the start of the month with all good intentions, that perhaps as the month goes on, goes a little to the wayside. Its just lovely to have you peops on here every day to chat and support each other. xx
I’ve had the day off today to go to my neighbours funeral - he was in his 80s, but so very sad to see his wife so understandbly upset. The service was a lovely celebration of his life.
Just catching up on a few bits now. All loved to here.

(Helen Healey) #380

Max @MaxPringJewellery, can I have 2 sales added to the tally and a happy dance please? :grin: