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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - AUGUST 2018

(Max Pring) #421

evening folks, just put my first pieces in the kiln… waiting… waiting… still wiating… :joy

(Sasha Garrett) #422

Finally something to go in the shop but since I’m not happy with the other piece there will be a pause before the next one (exact duration depends on how much time I spend down the allotment tomorrow, thanks to the rain I might actually be able to dig up some of my spuds).

(Roz) #423

Good evening - another day has escaped me without making friends with my camera! I have been busy though - like Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery, I’m busy stocking up for various Christmas fairs so a lot of what I have been making are duplicates of things already listed but I do hope to have a few new bits to show you soon. So for now, another relist :slight_smile:

(Julie Lewis) #424

Good Evening Everyone
Bunny card this evening.
Have a great weekend Adrianx

(Sarah Bell) #425

Evening all.
Thankful for the rain today with the fire on the Roaches moorland and ancient woodland. Very sad. We’ve visited since we were small, and they are in the background of our wedding photos.

Lovely fordite @SashaGarrett and busy bee vibes to those working on Christmas stock @OrchardFelts and @DeborahJonesJewellery

Aww thanks @AppleQueenJewellery :kissing_heart:

On the subject of busy bees, here’s one from me!

(Thedotterypotter) #426

Good Evening everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry that your Daughter has gone now Caroline hug xx

My listing tonight is another cat:

(Max Pring) #427

whoo! first firing in the new kiln, I think I’m going to like this clay malarky

(Max Pring) #428

I meant to say Sarah @thedotterypotter, my daughter loved her little cat, she lost her ginger cat a few weeks ago so this was a little memento, perfect really with the little heart on him, so thank you :slight_smile: x

(Max Pring) #429

just me or can anyone else see Wall-e in the pattern :thinking:

(Sue Mellem) #430

Don’t think I can see Wally there Max @MaxPringJewellery - menopause eye??!!

Thought we were being left out of the rain but it finally found us today!
A friend of mine, husband and 7 year old son are camping in Devon - think they had a bit of an interesting night, but the tent is still standing and undamaged and the weather has improved for them I’m pleased to say!

Beautiful fordite again Sasha @SashaGarrett
No fairs for me this weekend, which is just as well as the weather remains ‘iffy’!
Plenty else to do though

New necklace today

(Thedotterypotter) #431

Now I can’t unsee it Max @MaxPringJewellery!
Glad your Daughter liked the little cat, sorry to hear that hers passed away x
Love your first silver clay attempt, looks like you are going to have lots of fun with it x

(Sasha Garrett) #432

Its like staring at wallpaper - sometimes the faces just leap out at you - now you mention it though I’m seeing the robot from short circuit rather than wall-e.

(Martin Shackleton) #433

Evening all
Today’s listing is a mug, again!

(Sarah Bell) #434

Yeah didn’t want to say it but I definitely see Johnny 5 :joy:
Immortised forever in fordite :heart_eyes:

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #435

OOh loving the silver clay makes max @MaxPringJewellery.
Just working through loving and pinning.
I am getting a bit frustrated that I am not getting enough time to make and do new listings, but I think I need to accept that it might be like this for a few weeks until I relocate the shop. So apologies if I have some more relists.
I have almost finished my biggest job of cleaning the stock room. You can actually see the carpet now lol and only one small area to clear. Yippee. I have decided to close my retail outlet a week on Sunday, then it will give us about a month to set up everything at home ready.

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #436

Loved & pinned…:slightly_smiling_face:

( Carol ) #437

Evening everyone.

I’ve spent most of today crocheting my second ladies shawl. I think another couple of hours then it will be finished. Not tonight though! Then I need a dry day to get it blocked as it’s so big I can’t do it indoors. Wasn’t happy when it was hot, now I want it to stop raining :joy:

Loved and pinned to here.

( Valerie Dockerty) #438

Can you add a sale for me please Maxine @MaxPringJewellery
Love the silver clay Maxine @MaxPringJewellery

(Max Pring) #439

Good morning yay happy dancing for your sale Valerie :dancer: :slight_smile:

ooh is that your new roller Elly @EllyRowbothamPrintmaker, beautiful colour ink too :slight_smile:

I thought Number 5 first but didnt think anyone else would remember Number 5 is Alive! lol!

Babysitting today and the little one s staying overnight so I may not get back on here today

(Sue) #440

Morning all
Another sewing needle case today