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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2019

(Linda Wild) #401

Evening all, everything loved and pinned to here. Can you add 2 sales for me please Max @MaxPringJewellery.

The sun finally put in an appearance so was able to photograph the new bag

(Catherine Spencer) #402

Hello. Here is tonight’s listing x

(Sue Mellem) #403

I did my weekly stint in the charity shop this morning, to find that we were broken on to at the weekend. Fortunately nothing taken, but unnerving nonethe less.

It’s been s busy day and I’m struggling to stay awake so will add my item and head ff to bed!

(Kim Onyskiw) #404

I’ve got some loved up flamingos for today

(Max Pring) #405

Good morning, yay happy dancing for your sales Linda :slight_smile: :dancer:

Sorry to hear about the Asti Helen @PocketfulCreations hope you are able to salvage some of your wip

(Roz) #406

Good morning.
I have read through but being somewhat self focussed at the moment I havent taken a lot of it in! Congrats on the assignment Max @MaxPringJewellery, hope Mr DP is feeling better Sarah @thedotterypotter and I hope you managed to salvage some of your WIP Helen @PocketfulCreations.
Went to view the house again yesterday with a tape measure and looks like everything should fit in :slight_smile: As we were leaving the agent said she had forgotten to tell me that the property came with a garage … a huge garage in fact so loads of space to store all my daughters boxes of things they just cant throw away! A real bonus.
Just noticed my plus account expires in 10 days - I’m guessing I will have to go onto the monthly plan but I think I might just leave it for a month or so until I am settled back into a routine - I still have quite a lot of listings I havent shared yet and a few more bits to get listed before it expires so I should manage to stay on the thread for a bit.
Some of you may remember that I took a risk last year and did a very expensive craft fair at Christmas which turned out to be amazing. I have just been accepted again this year and have also got a place at their autumn fair in September - double the risk but nothing ventured nothing gained - at least it might give me some motivation to get making again.

Today I have another card wallet

(Sarah Bell) #407

Morning everyone
I meant to post last night but fell asleep!

Liked and pinned to here xx

(MadeintheTemple) #408

Wishing everyone a great weekend. A butterfly purse from me today. It has a slight pull in the fabric on one side so reduced the price but it hardly shows, though I know it is there.

(Brenda Cumming) #409

Good morning all. Very wet outside today and still dark.
Well done to all those with sales and I hope everyone has a good day.
Today I have a crochet baby cardigan

(Lynn Britton) #410

Good morning all. Very windy and damp here today.
Wow just had a mammoth session of loving and pinning. Can’t remember all that I read but great news on your 2nd assignment Max @MaxPringJewellery. Hope your shoulder gets sorted out for you soon Helen @PocketfulCreations. Well done Chris @TheChrisArtist on your new outlet for your cards.
And on the subject of gin, I went to a friends house last night for a girlie evening and we tried a strawberry and cucumber gin with cucumber tonic, delicious…
Just a relist from me today

(junemccabe) #411

Good morning Folksy folk, very wet and windy here on the island this morning! been blowing a gale all night and as our house looks out over fields, we seem to be getting the full force of it! I have my daughter Debs here for a couple of days to give her a break, losing her dad has hit her hard and she’s now off work for a couple of weeks!
She wants to decoupage a little shelf unit that her dad made and have it as a spice rack in her kitchen. She’s doing it in Cath Kidston napkins as this is what she collects in her house, I think a bit of crafting will occupy her mind, it’s always good therapy. She did mention a walk along the beach later, not so sure in this weather, but hopefully the rain will stop later…Have a good weekend everyone!xx

(junemccabe) #412

You’ve certainly got a collection there, I would definitely recommend the tormentil root vodka for your throat, no idea what it is, but if it’s vodka then it’ll work, as we all know, vodka has that wonderful medicinal ingredient, ALCOHOL !!! Lol. Believe it or not, and I don’t suppose you will, let’s face it why would you, but I hardly ever drink at home myself, only if we have guests, but yes, get me out with the girls or the biker crowd and well…

(junemccabe) #413

All pinned to here, my Love This button seems to be playing up, just keeps taking me to the homepage, but the pinning worked ok, all took twice as long though!
@wildrosedesigns that bag is gorgeous, I love it.
@TheChrisArtist Well done on the commission at the local shop! Hope you’re not going to start painting public toilets or anything like that, the mind boggles…
@NOfkantsCurios Beautiful duck Natalie x
@PhotoFairytales Brilliant sign!

(Jeanie Hansford) #414

Mother’s day gift, pair of butterfly coasters

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #415


(Thedotterypotter) #416

Good Morning :slight_smile:
24 hours with no vomiting here…so hopefully Mr DP is over the worst now!

Congratulations on your daughter’s results Sue @SueTrevor x
Well done on your commission Chris @TheChrisArtist…that’s going to keep you busy! :slight_smile:

My listing today is:

(Cat Thomas) #417

@BeadstormJewellery What sort of low life breaks into a charity shop? That’s terrible.

A cosy warm blanket today.

(Sue) #418

Good morning
Helen @PocketfulCreations oh no, how awful, I hope you managed to salvage some work.
I’m glad Mr DP is on the mend Sarah @thedotterypotter I have to put up with my other half retching twice a day, every day as he takes his medicine, I try and block it out.
Roz, @OrchardFelts the move sounds so good. Could you felt in your garage? It sounds like the perfect home.
I’m really struggling, fearing a full on severe depression hanging over my head ready to move in uninvited, no sales, no fairs to do this year, I’m doing my best to keep it at bay, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. We were going for a walk today, always a good thing, but the weather is lousy. I shall try and stay on the thread as it’s one of my favourite places to be, but struggling to keep up with new items and little enthusiasm.
Today’s listing, the photography is a a bit dull due to the weather condition

(Roz) #419

Yay I’ve finally got a start date for my job - next Monday - finally things are coming together and I am feeling slightly less stressed, although I’m sure starting a job and moving house will have its own stresses but at least I know they will pass. Think I might celebrate by doing some crafting today :slight_smile:

(Sue) #420

Well done Roz, and good luck :heart: