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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018

(Claire Mead) #1283

wow, that is stunning x

(Claire Mead) #1284

Here is my new listing

(Maxine Veronica) #1285

Good morning yay happy dancing for your visits from the sales fair :fairy: Deborah and Jeanie and Congratulations Jeanie @thecardjeanie on your milestone :balloon:

(Roz) #1286

Good morning. I had a very lazy weekend so now I have got to make up for it - long to do list waiting for me today :slight_smile:

This lurgy thing doesn’t sound very nice - I hope it steers clear of me. Hope you are all back to 100% fitness soon.

Congrats Jeanie @thecardjeanie

My listing for today

(pipdesigns) #1287

A Gift Tag from me this morning . . .

(Louise) #1288

Morning everyone. My tidied up wax melts listing today. My wee shop looks empty now that I’ve put everything under one listing now, better get making

(Roz) #1289

Louise @Tealiteful - aren’t you doing winter honeysuckle and elderflower anymore :frowning: Love the ones I got from you…they are still going strong and so much better than “wet dog” smell!

(Natalie Ofkants) #1290

My Max, @paperchainsandbeads can’t add it to,the tally, but happy dancing for selling me Fordite, the lady lives locally and we have handled the sale directly, so the pair have just been taken out of the shop.

Natalie x

(Sharon Thompson) #1291

We have a lot of pink suede, bought in bulk some time ago. So we’re offering a discount on all pink suede albums :smile:

(Thedotterypotter) #1292

Sarah @SarahDesignsUK - your dragon is amazing -you are so talented x

Well done on your milestone Jeanie @thecardjeanie x

My listing today is this ceramic keepsake gift tag

(PollysWares138) #1293

Very pleased to say i,m much better today had my breakfast and off out to meet some friends for tea and cake.

Will be back when I get back home later today.

Todays offering is a pair of cloisonne butterfly earrings listed yesterday, what do you think?

(Brenda Cumming) #1294

good morning all…I hope all those suffering will get better quickly…the weather here is horrid and wet and we have been in the clouds for days now and can barely see the house next door. A good reason to stay IN.
Today I have another miniature painting

(Karen Ellam) #1295

Hello folks

I’m sorry I’ve not been very active on here for the past week.

My lurgy got worse by last Tuesday and I was starting to get chest pains and terrible aches in my jaw on top of everything else. By now my neck glands were terribly swollen and very painful.

I was lucky enough to be seen by the doctor on the same day and i had blood tests to check for glandular fever…

Thank goodness the results were negative but tests did show an infection which was probably started in my throat.

I’m not far off finishing a course of antibiotics and I feel absolutely great. For the first time in ages I feel like I’ve got the energy to do things.

I hope your all keeping well with lots of lovely sales…

I will pop back in abit with a listing. I can’t wait to get stuck in again :grin:


(Valerie Farrell) #1296

Good morning . Beautiful sunny day here then the heavens opened.
Hope everyone feels better soon
Clutch bags today

Valerie x

(jessicagoulty) #1297

Morning all, went out for short walk yesterday, didn’t get far, out of breath and lightheadedness making me struggle. Spent a fair bit of time sitting on tree stumps/ fence posts/ in hedgerows trying to get my breath back! Went about a mile - took me and hour and 15 minutes!! Came back, zonked on the sofa got distracted by looking a free baby sewing patterns…and forgot about listing and liking! Oh well :grin:

Off to try and catch up now, I’ll list a bit later ( if I remember)

Hope all those with lurgies are on the mend.

(Stringobeads) #1298

A quick relist whilst am in the train

(Louise) #1299

Roz @OrchardFelts I do still have some from christmas but thought no one would be interested in them now that everyones looking forward to spring, even though it’s not really a scent that reminds me of winter. When you need a top up just let me know

(Cariad Crafts) #1300


A very wet night and start here too, I think the rain has just eased off.

Well done on all the sales and hoping all poorly peeps on the mend now.

Valerie @valerie, love that Amy Butler fabric

Here is mine for today

Carol xx

( Valerie Dockerty) #1301

Congratulations Jeanie @thecardjeanie on your milestone
A relist today will be back later to pin and love

(Sheree@LivingWildStudios ) #1302

Hello All

I hope you had a good weekend. Just popping back on here after a period of silence. Last time I was here I asked the question, asked for help on how to get more sales. Thanks to Louise @Tealiteful and Roz @OrchardFelts I have been working on a major overhaul of the store. Slowly getting there so I am relisting my items and adding new ones in response to this feedback. I do thank you kindly for your help. Check out the first item and let me know what you think. Thanks :grinning: