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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - May 2019

How did we get to May already?!

Just a relist from me today. Harris tweed tea cosies are still my biggest sellers in my other shops, and I’m hoping to educate Folksy buyers into the same habits.


May! My goodness! Here’s hoping it’s a successful month.


Don’t feel guilty. My brother was insistent that my mother went back to her sheltered flat after a spell in hospital. She had the maximum amount of care and I stayed in a flat in the complex. I put my life on hold for months until even he could see it was impossible. With her the nastiness came from the loss of power and decision making.
It’s a difficult decision to make but for her it was the best thing that could have happened. She had 24 hr care and although she used to moan about it she was happier there than at home.


So sorry to hear your mum is deteriorating and needing a lot of extra help. Can’t be easy, but interesting to hear Cat @BabanCat’s positive experience of her mum going into a home.

Hope we have you dancing from dawn to dusk and more Sarah @thedotterypotter! Adding my thanks to those already given for you hosting the thread this month.

I’m still busy making stock for the weekend’s fair - hoping the sales there justify the effort!


Evening all! Happy May!
Thanks for looking after us all @thedotterypotter

May hasn’t started well really. Was at the hospital really early this morning with the youngest, thankfully she hasn’t fractured anything. And my soon has an infection that has spread from his broken tooth and he’s in agony, all the teeth are loose, it’s just a nightmare. He’s on antibiotics, I’m just hoping they start working :frowning:

Nice to see old and new faces. Sorry about your mum @carolinefrodsham please don’t feel guilty x

I’m all caught up with the April thread, and a new listing from me:

(FOLKSY10 for 10% off!)

Liked and pinned to here! Xx


Good evening everyone :slight_smile:
Welcome back to the thread everyone that’s been MIA (missing in action!) - I think the sales fairy has been on a little hiatus but hopefully she’ll find her way back to us 365’ers again soon…shall we spread the glitter, gin and chocolate brownie trail tonight to lure her back in?

So sorry that your Mum has deteriorated even more Caroline @carolinefrodsham - it must be so heartbreaking for you all…sending you loads of love xxx

What a tough start to May you’ve had Sarah @SarahDesignsUK - glad your little one hasn’t broken anything but your poor boy must be in agony :frowning: Hope the antibiotics kick in soon for him xxx


Evening all.
Can I add one to the tally please Sarah @thedotterypotter

Oh Caroline, I feel for you, we went through this with my father in law, don’t feel guilty.

Congrats on being the featured seller Sarah @SarahDesignsUK sorry you had such a rough day.

Will work backwards and love and pin now.


yay - happy dancing for your sale Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery - I’ll start off May with a shuffle, back step! OOh, and I’ve just noticed a sale for me too!


Happy dancing for the start of the month sales! Amazing!

Been asked to work today, covering as a receptionist, but an extra days pay helps toward the new boiler fund!
My item for today is a rustic fancy Banded Agate gemstone keyring or handbag charm.

Natalie x


Morning all! Sorry I missed yesterday I’m in London working and it’s been a tough week, another day today and I just couldn’t sleep last night … so going to a long day today! Back to Cornwall tonight yippee!!

Thanks for managing the thread @thedotterypotter and fingers crossed for loads of sales this month

Caught up to here particularly love the dolphin @thatenamelguy just a re-list from me


So sorry to hear you concerns for your mum Caroline @carolinefrodsham and it’s a double loss when a parent deteriorates into illness this way, you start to grieve for them, even when they are physically still with us, and yet are not. It’s a very tough decision, but as others have said, if you have to let her go into a home, it is a kindness too, but one that really pulls at our heart strings.
Sending hugs.

Natalie xxxX


Good morning everyone! Hope you have a lovely day :slight_smile:



Good morning everyone :slight_smile: thank you for the lovely welcome back, I have missed you all :slight_smile: I have another new listing this morning, a different colour way of my toadstool house pin cushion :slight_smile: have a lovely day everyone and big hugs and strength to all those needing it today, take care all :slight_smile: xxx


Good morning everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy listing pots this morning so I thought I would show you my favourite:


Good morning all…dry and warmer today…
I am on a roll now with my hand painted cards, so here is another one


Morning all, grey and chilly here today.


Good morning all. Sunny but cool here today.
So many lovely things on here. Stunning hare pot Sarah.

Hugs for you Caroline @carolinefrodsham it’s very hard having to arrange for a parent to go into a home but in the long run it’s best for everyone and the time you spend with them in the home is quality time and not stress time. I had to arrange for my dad to go into a home as he became very frail, lost mobility and balance and had a number of falls. After an initial settling in period where he was quite withdrawn he suddenly blossomed and because my dad again. The staff were brilliant with him and made the last 6 months of his life happy, safe and comfortable for him.

Another tote bag from me today


Happy May everyone, didn’t get a chance to post yesterday.

I’m sorry so many of you are having such a tough time right now, it can be incredibly stressful trying to juggle so many things. I hope you all manage to take a minute or two to yourselves now and then to regroup.

I’m all caught up till this point (yay me! LOL)

A relist from me today. I’ve completely lost my knitting mojo and also have a load of things to photograph but feeling rather deflated at the lack of sales anywhere. I’m definitely suffering from Whatsthepointitis with it all.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful month!


Morning everyone a new bracelet today
Thank you for running the thread Sarah @thedotterypotter
Sorry to hear about your Mum Caroline @carolinefrodsham


Can I add one to the tally please Sarah @thedotterypotter, boogie woogie!