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Folksy 365 JANUARY 2020 Daily listing challenge thread! Please read the first post for joining info!

pinned and loved to here, a new bead box today


Well done Caroline @Caroleecrafts on being the first person on the tally and with 5 sales too! Happy dancing!

Natalie x


Lunch break - managed to love, pin & tweet but my phone doesn’t seem to want me to add a link so will have to post my listing when I get home to my laptop


I’m starting the New Year with a relist too! I saw that the theme of the day is leaf, and realised that this necklace had expired unsold.

I’m not back into work mode after the festivities yet, so probably relists through the weekend. Once all the decorations have been put away and there’s no cake left, then I’ll start the year properly :wink:


Happy New Year all!
Thanks for running the thread again Natalie. @NOfkantsCurios


Happy new year. I’ve made a start by adding our listings to reflect one of the 2020 design trends: colour blocks


Happy new year to you all.


Is that today?..that’s amazing well done


One sale for me please Natalie (total 1)


Happy New Year everyone.
Its taken me all day to get my listing up. First I had to tidy my shop and sort out the Christmas stuff, then there was photography. My new Christmas gifts; a mobile phone tripod helped, as did my new ergonomic mouse(good for those stiff fingers). Although the light is not good.
Here is the start of my new eco friendly party gift bags. I want to change how we throw away so much plastic and packaging, hopefully this is a start.

I will go back and love and pinned everyone’s entry. X


Just had to have one of your lovely hearts for my sister.x


Happy New Year all. Loved and pinned to here.
Thanks for running the thread again Natalie @NOfkantsCurios.
Welcome back Max @MaxPringJewellery. Love your listing today btw.
Great pendant @thatenamelguy.
Love the squirrel @thedotterypotter.
Love the earrings @TheCornishHare and @DeborahJonesJewellery.
Lovely pen and ink @HRNicholsonart.
A new listing: Watercolour of St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall. Just about every other artist inn Cornwall has painted this, so I thought, if you can’t beat them, join them!


Congrats to those with sales: @Caroleecrafts, @teabreaks and anyone else I may have missed.


pinned and loved to here


Hi Everyone,
It’s great to be back after a year’s absence! Thank you for having me! @BabanCat I, too am greying (and ageing) disgracefully. Only way to do it, there’s too much else I want to be getting on with. Helen @PocketfulCreations that purse is so pretty. I have started a Pinterest page for everyone’s makes. Will put the link up in a minute. I do, I have to admit, tend to just like (both here and in your shop) and pin one item if you post several here. I’d rather do this than miss anyone else out because I run out of time.
So today’s new listing is a sparkly starburst pendant.


Here’s my Pinterest board. Took me a while to get the link. One of my 2020 resolutions is to become more IT literate! And on that topic - does anyone know how to just paste your link under your picture rather than the full Folksy blurb which insists on coming up each time (as in my post above)?


Congratulations Brenda @teabreaks


Back home from work - apparently my daughter and boyfriend have made it back here after going up to Nottingham for a new years party but they are nowhere to be seen - can only assume they are asleep upstairs! No doubt they will appear hungry for dinner at some time this evening.

Heres my listing for today - wasn’t sure when I made this how it would turn out and whether it would be long enough for a scarf but it seems to be fine so I have listed it as a scarf for now - if it doesnt sell i may cut it up and transform it into something else at a later date :slight_smile:

I’ve had a sale on the other side today for another Christmas decoration. Amazes me that people are still buying decorations after Christmas but I wont complain :slight_smile:


Happy new year folks x

I’ve got a little sale on for the next week. Bit of a faff but I’ve edited each listing to show the discount rather than a code as there are some items I wanted to reduce more than others. It’s one of the few things I prefer about the other side! Anyhoo, here’s my sale section:

And my relist for today:

I’ve liked and pinned to here. I pin everyone to various boards, most of which you can see here!

I think I’m following everyone, but give me a poke if not x


Loved everything up to here. I also click on the facebook “like” button but still have no idea what it actual does. I don’t yet have a pinterest account so can’t do that.
My new year resolution is also to become more IT literate Jane @Beadseedz especially social media.

Well done to those who have sales already, I’m slightly jealous!

My listing for today: