Folksy Christmas Market 2022 stats

We thought you might be interested in some numbers and analysis from the Online Christmas Market we held on 19 & 20 November 2022.

  • The Facebook and Instagram adverts we ran to promote the market were seen by 250,000 people

  • Total market page views: 14,674 (Our Spring Market 2022 had 9,452 visitors; the Folksy Local Christmas Market held during lockdown in 2021 had 15,152)

  • Total clicks on market page: 8,965 (vs 5,546 clicks for the Spring Market 2022, and 8,771 clicks for the 2021 Christmas Market)

  • 61% of people who visited the market clicked on a shop

  • Average clicks per stall: 64

  • Revenue over the market weekend was 151% higher than the weekend before

  • Saturday was the busiest day for sales, with revenue up +217% on the previous Saturday

  • The three best-selling categories in terms of quantity of sales were: 1) Homeware, 2) Christmas Decorations, 3) Cards & Stationery (NOTE: Homeware also includes decorations not listed in the Christmas Decorations subcategory)

  • The best-selling category in terms of revenue was Jewellery.

  • The average order value was £24.60 - slightly higher than the average order value over the year so far (£23.37)

  • The average price for items sold was £13.73 (This includes Christmas cards which made up 11% of all orders)

  • The average price for Christmas Decorations sold was £10.55

  • The average price for the jewellery sold was £18.90. Pieces in the £50-100 bracket did sell but not in as high quantity.

  • Earrings were the best-sellers in the jewellery category. Sterling silver jewellery in all forms did well too. (The average price for sterling silver necklaces sold was around £44; the average price for bracelets/bangles sold was around £40 and the average price for earrings was £31.)

  • The categories with the highest average price were: 1) Art & Sculpture at £23.51, 2) Jewellery at £18.90, 3) Knitwear & Accessories at £17.06

We are really pleased with how the market went, particularly in light of the cost-of-living crisis, and compared with the Christmas Market we ran during lockdown 2021 when more people were stuck at home (which we also felt was a success). Having said that, we have heard from a few stallholders who didn’t sell anything, and that’s always disappointing.

In line with what you would probably expect at a Christmas Market held in mid-November in the current economic climate, the figures show that most shoppers purchased several small (low-priced) things specifically for Christmas (Christmas decorations, cards, stocking fillers etc) - but encouragingly there were still people buying higher-value gifts.

It will be interesting to see if our Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Handmade campaign can help raise the average sold price and order value over the Christmas period.


Brilliant news - I would certainly count the market as successful (and enjoyable) and would do it again. My only small ‘niggle’ is that each shop could only appear in one category so for a shop like mine selling Art, Christmas decorations and Greetings cards this was a bit frustrating - I wonder if, for future markets, a way could be found so that shops could have a little representation in all the relevant categories - perhaps a little message at the bottom of the category saying 'More shops selling (whatever) include (shop name)? Of course this is only a very small ‘niggle’ and overall everything was great - the statistics on the market are really interesting so ‘thankyou’ for letting us know.


Interesting reading.

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