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Folksy Copyright?

When making business cards and signage are Folksy sellers allowed to use the Folksy logo to advertise where the shop is? Or is that copyrighted, and we can only use the URL?

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I don’t think we are allowed to use it. I remember reading a while back someone asked if it could be used on car stickers and the answer was no.

there is this you can use but i think really for websites/blogs

Here’s the link to the official guidelines
I’ve used the folksy logo in conjunction with my shop url and a qr code on postacards/signs promoting my work/ shop.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago . . .

there was a long discussion concerning Folksy branded items, such as leaflets, and car stickers

. . . and then they vanished and were never seen again.

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They haven’t disappeared @rosesworkshop, I promise. They are designed (not the car stickers but fliers, postcards and business cards) and they’re currently with Moo who will be adding them to their system so you can just add your own pics and info.

I’ll let you know when they’re live.


Didn’t end up needing to use it anyway. Business card looks better with just the URL and no logo - so worked out in the end, at least for this time! :slight_smile:

The logo is on the Moo cards I got through Folksy. But not sure if these are still available.