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Is there such a thing as a bag with folksy logo on

i see that folksy dont seem to advertise alot, my shops views are horrendous and im thinking of closing it. i do really well on the 2 other big craft sites. i had a thought that maybe if somebody sold folksy bags or stickers, maybe we could all buy one, as long as they were all a good price and thus get the folksy name out! my dream would be to sell on folksy. as im english and id love to sell to english people! ideas on the bags/stickers anyone?

There have been threads about some marketing materials for Folksy shop owners. Folksy do have their own shop which did at one point have t-shirts and stuff in:

There was also a partnership with Moo for business cards with the Folksy logo on too.

There is also a place where you can put your idea forward for Folksy users to vote on it. This link will take you there (scroll down until you see where it says “Post a new idea”)

@folksycontent any news on car stickers etc? Or business cards as Moo have said the promotion has run out? A bag would be a great idea seeing as we now all have to use our own bags whilst shopping!

I would love a folksy tote bag. Great idea :blush:


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Hi Liz. There are two Moo offers at the moment:

Moo x Templates - with pre-designed templates you can use (at 30% off)

And 20% off all Moo printed products

And we’re looking at your idea of tote bags and bumper stickers as we speak. Watch this space!


Hurray, especially as I need more business cards soon! And the Tote bags and stickers will be snapped up, will be proud to do my bit and promote Folksy.

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I would love some tote bags!
When I sell cushions at craft fairs I need proper heavy duty bags for the customer to carry them away. They have to be “extra large” to get a 46cm cushion into, and since I don’t sell thousands the price per bag is quite high, whether paper or cotton. I would be happy with Folksy bags, and even better if it got the price down :smile: