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Folksy doesn't do Digital Downloads? But is it ok to

(Suzanne Porter) #1

So I have a shop over on Etsy were I sell digital papers & card toppers for card making but I know Folksy doesn’t offer a download service. However if i listed my items on here is it possible for people to purchase the items from me & then I can email them the item/s which they have purchased? Can I also selling a Crafting CD-ROM’s??

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

I sell my knitting patterns here by pdf files which I email out to my customers. So you can sell pdf’s via email or via a hardcopy

Crafting CD’s would be considered a commercial supply so would be legal to sale if they are legal copies.

(Suzanne Porter) #3

Thanks @EileensCraftStudio. The CD-ROM is my own original art work - so that should be ok

(Sian ) #4

Yes, you can sell PDFs and crafting CD ROMs on Folksy! If the content on the CD ROM is your own work, you can list them under Supplies > Handmade.

Remember that there are rules around taxation for digital services (e.g. PDFs), depending on how you supply the product to the customer - please see this article for more information:

(Suzanne Porter) #5

Thanks @sianfolksy i found the bit in the article which would apply to me :smile

‘The new rules do not apply to PDF patterns, printables or graphics sold through Folksy if they are supplied to a customer by manually attaching a PDF or file to an individually written email.’

(Kelly Jennings) #6

Thanks @SuzannePorterBoutique for asking this, you read my mind! :smile: