How do I list non physical items?

I keep wanting to transfer my long standing shop on etsy over to Folksy but always hit some problem at the listing stage and give up. For instance, I know that Folksy do not do downloads (sadly) but I wanted to list a sewing pattern that I would email to the buyer, who could then print it themselves. My old printer is quite erratic so this is a way I can still sell my patterns while I save up to buy a new one… is this not possible on Folksy either? Each time I try to list it demands I provide postage details

Just put zero’s in the box for postage. (0.00)

Rosa May Crafts sells PDF files, if this helps.

DOH!!! That simple, thanks so much @KBCreations :grinning:

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Hiya, yes, it will be in PDF format, but I kept thinking the compulsory shipping panel on the listing meant you had to post out a physical item…I will just put zero for shipping as KBCreations suggests. Thanks for taking the time to answer too :grinning:

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Glad you got it all sorted out. And no problem at all. My first point of check when I’m not sure of how to do something is to feed it into the Folksy Search Engine and I tend to find it there!!!

I will use that tip, thanks :slight_smile:

You are very welcome @Flossimoth :blush: