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No emails at all

While participating in Crafthour on Twitter someone tweeted to me ‘saw it, bought it’ about one of my items. Sure enough, on checking my Dashboard I had sold a make up bag…I checked Paypal and the money is there, but I have had no emails at all from Either Folksy or Paypal!! I have received emails from other people this evening so I don’t think it’s a problem my end.
Thought I had better let you know as if this person had not tweeted me I may not have spotted the sale for a while…



There was a post recently about slow emails from PayPal. Bet you get them later

Yes, that was my post - the paypal email arrived 2 days after the sale!

I’ve now received the Folksy ones…but in the wrong order. The one saying ‘someone has bought your work’ arrived a few minutes after the one telling me they had paid for it…nothing from Paypal yet.


i often get paypal emails much later than the folksy ones - sometimes hours later.

It was just unusual for me to not get the first notification from Folksy straight away…I usually do…

I read earlier today that people were experiencing problems with paypal, but is strange you didnt receive a folksy email x

This doesn’t sound good, Kim.

If you have any more issues like this could you please email so we look into it and see if there is a problem?

Thanks Camilla, I will let you know if it happens again…

Although I am getting the Folksy emails now, I’m not getting anything from Paypal. Is anyone else still having this problem?
I bought some items from Ebay recently and got Paypal receipts for those, but still nothing from them if I sell something on here.


I had a PayPal payment notification email on Sunday, straight after the Folksy email.

I had a sale to day and as far as I know all mine can through in the correct order.

Not sure what is going on then…I have had 2 more sales since I posted on here originally and haven’t had Paypal notification for any of them…so that’s a total of 3 sales with nothing from Paypal.

Is this anything Folksy can help with Camilla @FolksyStaff ?

Kim when you go into your paypal account what does it say in there?

I have just been checking all my settings in Paypal in case something has been ‘switched off’ by accident, but I can’t see anything wrong. In the ‘notifications’ it is set to notify me by email when I receive a payment, and it cannot be switched off any way.
It’s not a huge problem as long as I get the Folksy emails, and I always check Paypal anyway to make sure the money is in there before I send anything out…it’s just annoying.
I will give Paypal a call tomorrow when I get home from work to find out why I am not getting them…

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It is possible that the problem sits with your email provider. Sometimes things like an excessive amount of emails from a particular source, and of certain formats, could trigger some kind of false spam alert which results in the email provider blocking all traffic from the suspicious source website.

Would you be happy to let us know who your email account is with (not your full email address, just the bit after @)? It could be that other people using the same provider are suffering from the same problem.

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we’ll take a look in the morning and see what might be the problem from this side - we haven’t had any other reports though.

I’m with Google mail.
I am getting other emails from Paypal when I make a purchase from other sites. I bought some supplies from Ebay at the weekend and got the Paypal receipts for those ok… it’s just the Folksy ones when someone buys from me that I am not getting.
I don’t sell through any other sites so I don’t know if it would be the same for any other ‘money received’ notifications.

Thank you @HilaryP Can you let me know what you find, then I can contact Paypal if I need to?