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Missing sales notifications?

A lovely sale this morning (hooray!) but no emails apart from the one from Paypal (thank goodness that arrived!). Has anyone else had this issue? Has something gone awry @Folksyadmin? Of course I have checked spam and all that :wink:

Just wondering whether my lovely buyer will have received her sales confirmation or whether I should message her just in case…

I had this happen for a while and I emailed admin and they sorted it out straight away.

I don’t know about the email to customers but I do always send a thank you for your order stating the day and date I will be posting it out to them.

I don’t normally send an extra email - unless there is a question, or shipping will be any later than the following day - as Folksy send so many automatically and I personally prefer not to be bombarded with messages. But I might make an exception today.

Well the ‘your customer has paid’ e-mail has just arrived nearly 10 hours after the event, still no sign of the ‘you’ve sold something’ one, I wonder where its been all this time??

I sold an item today and the emails all came through fine this afternoon. Although was definitely the first to arrive and the others came about 10 mins later. Hope you can get it sorted out x

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As long as the Paypal one comes through so I know I’ve actually sold something it’s all good!

I do wonder whether it’s a problem with my email provider, I’ve been thinking of switching for a while, maybe the time has come.

There was a site back in the bad old days, pre-Folksy, where they never did get the sales notifications to work and didn’t pass much info to Paypal either so you were left trying to find out what you’d sold and where you’d sold it…

oh that must have been a nightmare. I’m with gmail and they have been really good so far actually. I used to use yahoo but it got really slow. I would recommend gmail though

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My Paypal email was late on a sale yesterday. The 2 Folksy ones arrived a good hour before the Paypal.

I suppose when you think of the volume of information flying around out there, it’s a wonder stuff arrives promptly at all. We all take it so much for granted and yet it really is all so new.

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Anyone else not received their Folksy order /payment Emails ?

I had an order at lunchtime today but the only way I know is because I got the Paypal email. Nothing from Folksy. This has never happened to me before.
I’ve sent myself an email to my Folksy email address and that has appeared so don’t think it’s me but checking because I’ve had another 2 completely different emails which I had expected, maybe, which haven’t arrived today though lots of others appearing.

Are my emails disappearing into the mist of time.

PS: The 2nd Folksy payment email has just appeared timed almost 2 hours after the Paypal one. Still awaiting the first.

Hi Joy

I had a spate of my Folksy emails arriving a few hours after the PayPal one a few weeks ago and Support checked this out for me, but it wasn’t showing as there was a problem. This happened last year too and Support has to clear something off a list their end for me to get my emails again (they sorted ever so quickly).

I just made a sale a few mins ago (hurrah!) and I got all the emails straight away this time. If you still don’t get them by this evening, it’s worth dropping support an email just to get them to check it out.

Natalie xx

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Thanks Natalie

I’ve just received the first missing email - the order notification, Arrived at 16.27, posted 13.37, I did email support so maybe they unstuck it from whereever it had stuck itself. Just a bit surprised as I know other people say they’ve not received them but mine have never been late before.

One of the other possibly missing email is the confirmation of the winter break sunshine holiday to Cuba which Bob booked last night :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - so you can see why I’m checking I haven’t got a general email problem. I won’t let that one worry me - they’ve taken the deposit !