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Folksy Friday - We want to share your blog posts!

FolksyFriday – For Bloggers!

If you’re a blogger you may be interested in creating a Folksy Friday post this week where on a Friday you share a selection of items from with or without a theme (but themes are cool!) – we’ll be retweeting and pinning pics from your blog posts and we’re also planning to feature our favourite Folksy Friday posts each week in our newsletter!

Use #FolksyFriday and tag us when you share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest so we can find them - or add links below.

You could also make them on a Facebook page by sharing a selection of products and tag other Folksy sellers.

Working together to promote products you love from sellers you admire or you want to help give exposure to is a great way of networking and building links back to each others shops. Team work can really help with exposure and we will be supporting your efforts by sharing the posts.

Links back to your shop help with SEO - the topic of our Folksy Hour on Twitter last night - we’ve made an SEO section here on the forums where we can all discuss SEO issue and ask lots of questions and get help!

If you let a seller know you have featured them they may share your blog posts on their own social media and you can of course include your own items too - so a fab way to support fellow sellers and raise awareness of Folksy, bring new readers and extra traffic to your blog - and fun too :slight_smile:

Any questions please do ask


hi hilary,
i am new to doing a blog and also gift guides - can i use photos from folksy in blog? do i have to ask seller’s permission etc.
also do you only want blogs that are established as mine very new.

sorry if basic questions …


I spotted you asked on Twitter and Camilla had responded. New and old blogs all welcome :slight_smile:

We suggest you let sellers know they have been featured and invite them to look at the post - this is all part of the networking. With any luck they’ll be so pleased they will share the post.

It could be a good idea to think of sellers that compliment (rather than compete with) your own work. Perhaps little kids gifts for example where the buyer would also need a card! Or maybe a Father’s day selection where you could include this one of your own.

thanks for your help Hilary

Here’s my Folksy Friday post for this week - twinkle twinkle little star theme!

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here’s my prehistoric gift guide … jurassic fantastic folksy gifts

Brlliant blogs - @sayit and @SallyandtheFreckles thanks for joining in - we’ve just tweeted your links out to our followers!

I will be featuring folksy friday as my blog post this week. The theme is summer sun.

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Hi, here’s my #FolksyFriday from last week. It’s all about British wildlife. I’m working on something a little more summery for this week :slight_smile:

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gorgeous - have just tweeted the link - are you on Twitter?

New #FolksyFriday is live
I’ve posted a link on twitter.

Fab - just tweeted it and will share on Pinterest too - thanks Jen :slight_smile:

just tweeted your too @MBHelen :smile:

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Hello. I’ve just put together another nursery rhyme themed Folksy Friday -

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thanks Laura @sayit - we’ve shared it! :slight_smile:

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my cat gift guide for Folksy Friday

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Fab have tweeted it Sally :slight_smile:

Continuing my nursery rhyme theme I’ve gone for baa baa black sheep for my folksy friday this week!

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I have a post on my blog here

Thanks x

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