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(Emma King) #1


My name is Emma I am a stay at home mummy, but I am also running a business utilizing my expertise in aromatherapy and holistic therapies. Are there any other mummies out there who might have any advice on how to stay motivated?? x

(Elaine) #2

Hi Emma,

I’m a stay at home Mum too and hear your plea! It’s very difficult to fit work in alongside caring for your child/ren and staying motivated. I don’t know what age group your child/ren are but I have a 15 year old son at home (I home educate) and, until a year ago, had my daughter here too, she’s two years older. They have been at home with me every since I started making and selling online in 2009. I try very hard to have a “me” time - usually just after lunch for an hour and again from around 8ish for the rest of the evening. Actual sewing usually happens in the afternoon time, sewing and surfing (so less is accomplished!) in the evening. Getting online to view forums, facebook, Pinterest and twitter pages that are craft based help to keep me motivated in my business - British Crafters on F/B is an excellent one as everyone is so friendly. Having fingers in lots of pies also helps - I’m currently have shops in two online stores and two bricks and mortar stores. Having a schedule to work to keeps me from drifting I find.

Good luck - Christmas is fast approaching so hopefully a few extra sales will boost your motivation too.


(Brenda Cumming) #3

I gave up work in 1972 when my son was born and over the years have earned extra cash from my crafting/art…doing fairs, selling to friends and doing house parties…I always thought it was important to be home with my children and hubby did shift work, so getting a “normal” job was never an option. I would never have had it any other way…
I was always there for my kids and although times were financially difficult, I have always loved doing what I do. Now that I am a pensioner I am still able work and paint when it suits me…
I wouldn’t say it was easy but I was always free for school plays etc etc…
Back then it was unusual for Mums to go back to work and I appreciate that some people have no choice…I had no choice in reverse because the cost of child care would have made being employed an impossible option…Hubby did unusual shifts and there were no parents to child mild for us…
I am SO glad that I have been able to make and sell…I couldn’t imagine someone telling me WHEN I could have a teabreak or a holiday…naaah…love my life…poor or not…

(Roz) #4

I’m not quite a stay at home mummy but I did change my career when I had my children so that I could be available for them when needed. I trained as a chiropodist and became self employed only working a few hours a week when they were little and increasing as they got older and needed me less. Now they are teenagers (one just gone to uni, the other just started 6th form) and so I have more time on my hands which I use to do my crafting. Really I should be out there trying to drum up more business but I like to have the time to craft and also still like to be available during school holidays and after school for meetings etc. My motivation has always been ensuring my girls were happy and provided for. In the beginning every time I did someones feet I used to think “well thats a new pair of shoes paid for” or “riding lessons this week paid for” - it used to keep me going. I do try to stick to a schedule but usually fail miserably - a list of jobs at the start of the day helps.

(Emma King) #5

Thank you for your replies, I feel part of a little mummy community, please keep posting advice. What do you all make/ sell? x Emma

(Teresa Bettelley) #6

Hello everyone,

I’m a stay at home mum with two children, one aged three and the other aged one. I decided not to go back to work due to the financial implications of childcare, and have always wanted to make and sell my own work as I did a degree in Embroidery ten years ago. So this was my chance to spend my time with my children and to work for myself doing what I love. Some days the motivation is easy, some days not so much and I find that to-do lists and a little inspiration via Pinterest or my Mollie Makes magazine work a treat! I’ve taken the plunge to do a small craft fair near Christmas and that will keep me motivated for the next few weeks, it’s my first one!
It would be lovely to have a Folksy mums group :grinning:
Right, time to make tea for hungry children! Teresa

(Emma King) #7

Hi Theresa

It is lovely to hear from you I have created a facebook group, if this helps us all unite: all the best chat soon

(Emma King) #8

Hi Shirley

Lovely to meet you. I have just created a mummy’s zone on facebook, if you might be interested look me up: All the best Emma

(Emma King) #9

Hi Roz

I have created a facebook group for us all to meet and share ideas or just to chat: all the best Emma

(Emma King) #10

Hi Ellie

I hope you are well? Ive had a poorly toddler on my hands this week. Think he is on the mend, but I feel my motivation has dropped a little. I have just been out to a local craft shop that I didn’t know existed. it was like a secret treasure chest.
feeling more uplifted so I cam on here and thought I would reply to threads. I have created a folksy mummy makers group on facebook, if you fancy joining its:

All the best and happy crafting Emma

(Emma King) #11

What has everyone made this weekend?

(Elibee Designs) #12

Hi everyone.I have a 5 year old son and a daughter who will be 10 in January!I used to have a wee shop a few years back selling handmade gifts,sewing etc,but I gave it up as I wasn’t enjoying it.I have recently gone back to drawing and I am starting to sell some of my illustrations.My children keep me busy and life can get a bit hectic,but drawing relaxes me and really helps quieten my brain when I am worried about things.Looking forward to getting to know people around here.I have just sttarted listing things this weekend and I am building my website just now.Getting very excited for Christmas:-)

(Rebecca Rees Design ) #13

Hi there, just read this thread and would be interested in joining the group too. I have an 8 year old, 5 year old and and 2 year old who keep me busy! I’ve sent a request to join from my personal FB page. Hope that’s ok?

Rebecca Rees x

(Emma King) #14

Hi Rebecca thank you for joining our thread!! I thought it would be a useful way to find out how other mummies cope with making products and crafts while looking after their children!!!