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I was deciding weather to have a Folksy Plus account although I am still fairly new in terms of what I have sold. Was wondering if I should give it a go?
But when I looked at the sign up page it looks like it is done by direct debit? Is that how it is done?

Yes you pay the one off plus fee by Go cardless - once set up then every year it is easy to renew as you don’t have to enter your details again. Don’t worry it isn’t an automatic direct debit - you still have to authorise it every year before any money leaves your account.


Its called a direct debit but only takes the money once - it doesn’t automatically renew the following year so you can let it lapse whilst you consider whether you want to renew or not. The payment is processed via gocardless (so they don’t have to pay paypal fees) and the money comes straight out of your bank account. As to whether or not it is worth having: the cost of the plus account is equivalent to 250 listings/relistings per year or having ~84 items (that could be multiples of a few items or lots of one offs) in your shop and renewing them when they expire for the entire year.


Beautiful photos @FatSquirrelPhotography! You have lots of items, so could well be worth your while to have the plus account. I had it for a year, let it lapse for a while, but signed up again because it was definitely easier and more profitable with it. Without it I found I was worrying if it was worth listing some things. Payment has always gone smoothly.

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Go for it…I was terrified at first that admin would keep taking money and that it would be difficult to stop it if it didn’t work…but trust an “oldie”…it was really easy…and I have sold a lot more since being on the plus account…

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my question and offering encouragement! I am on the verge of taking the plunge and signing for the Plus account! I think I also need to learn a bit more about social media marketing as only really use FB…
There is so much to learn about things such as Twitter, Pinterest and so on!


I’ve had the plus account for a couple of years but decided not to renew in December, and have reverted to pay-as-you-go.

For me, it hasn’t made any difference to sales - I still sell regularly - but what it has done is make me more selective about what I list/relist rather than just relisting automatically, even if items have stuck around for ages.
This for me is a positive of the pay-as-you-go as it’s forced me to re-evaluate listings as they come up for renewal.

The Plus account is not always better, and certainly doesn’t guarantee more sales!

Sarah x

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Thanks Sasha. You always give great advice!

Thanks Breanda!

Thank you for your nice comments x

Thank you!