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Folksy Weekly Guide appearing as a source in Google Analytics

(Meadow Stitch Uk) #1

I’ve just had a nosey in Google Analytics and saw that I’ve had some traffic driven to my shop from Folksy Weekly Gift and Shopping Guide.

I’m not aware of having been featured. I would hope that someone would tell me if I had!

A pleasant surprise :blush:

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(Amberlilly) #2

Wonderful!! I’m still trying to understand GA, but lovely for you!!

(Sonia Adam) #3

Sometimes the source on Google Analytics is, bizarrely, the last page the person looked at but all views are good no matter how they landed in our shops.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

I’ve had traffic from the weekly gift and shopping guide as well and as far as I know I’ve not been featured (I haven’t seen my work in any of the emails I get from folksy and I’m fairly sure I signed up for that one). But hey as Sonia says any views are welcome.