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Loving the stats, however

Good morning one and all ! New to Folksy my shop is up and running and stocking up daily

Im really happy with the amount of visits and impressions gained over a short time but the box that says “Where are your visitors coming from” leads me to think there must be a drilldown to find out the lead sources

Could one of you kind Folksy people with more experience advise if there is more info or is that it?

Cheers for now!

Should show where they come from.


Thanks @Amberlilly that explains it well. I have just MISC and Folksy so hopefully time will flesh that out :smiley:


Yes, misc is a bit of an annoying one because it’s all the vague things they can’t track well so it could be people typing the address straight in, clicking links in emails, app views… who knows. But if you start promoting yourself on social media hopefully you’ll get some others showing, and once your shop has been open a little while you might start getting google ones too (you’ll probably have some for “Folksy forums” after posting this, but they won’t show until tomorrow because the stats only update once a day).


Cheers @konyskiw!

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