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Forum won't work from mobile phone

(Stephanie Guy) #1

I’m having tremendous difficulty accessing the forum from my phone, a Samsung S3 Mini running Android 4.1.2.

I just get a blank screen with the Folksy logo at the top and nothing else.

Restarting the devise doesn’t make any difference.

Is this a known problem and is it being looked at?

Tagging a couple of possibly relevant people, please point this thread in the right direction if it’s not you :slight_smile: @sianfolksy1 @dougfolksy @SamSaffron

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Is it linked to the volume of users? I know others can’t use it on their phones either any more, so it’s not just me.

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I’m having similar problems with my Samsung galaxy fame. It was ok at first but now everyone is on the forum it’s not loading.

(Leanne Woods) #4

I’m using an S3 mini and haven’t had any problems.

knocks on wood

(Helen Smith) #5

Just testing. … I’m using my phone to post this, I know I had problems posting before

(Helen Smith) #6

And back on the laptop now… using the forum on the phone is better than it was last time I tried but I still can’t see what I’m typing after a few words as the text doesn’t wrap. And if I use it landscape mode I can’t see what I’m typing at all. The previous post was remarkably coherent considering! I can read posts, just replying is tricky.

So it works, ish. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

(Diane Burton) #7

It works on my cheapo Alcatel onetouch, although I have the same problem as Helen when I reply I can’t see what I typing (so if you see me reply in gibberish I’m probably on my phone :slight_smile: )

(Sam Saffron) #8

Some mobile providers do a big bunch of “optimising” on web traffic.

@StephanieGuy any chance you can try out and let me know if you see the same issues.

HTTPS (secure web connections) are a great equalizer (mobile providers can not mess with them) I am curious if you see the same issues there?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

What web browser? Is it the official Google Chrome shipped with Android? Visit this link from your phone browser:

Or just Google “what browser am I using?” and visit one of the top links. What does it report?

Sam’s advice is also good, though I suspect dodgy vendor override browsers first.

(Helen Smith) #10

Trying it out with Chrome and I can see what I’m typing, hooray!

Apparently I was using something called Android 4 ?

(Leanne Woods) #11

I’m using Android 4 too but haven’t any problems. Chrome gives me issues on one or two other sites so I rarely use it.

(Stephanie Guy) #12

@codinghorror I was using Android 4. I switched to chrome and it worked for 2 threads over wifi then I tried 3G (network is O2) and it reverted to the folksy logo and a blank screen. Won’t work over wifi either anymore. I currently have a full signal.

@SamSaffron works fine over both wifi and my O2 3G network on Chrome. The discourse one also works over wifi on Android 4, and also just about works (very slowly) over 3G.

(Sam Saffron) #13

Well this is in fact mobile providers messing with websites. Personally I feel this is a horrible practice, its also a clear violation of your privacy.

@dougfolksy maybe we should host talk on https? If you can sort out the certificates we can hook it up.

(Stephanie Guy) #14

So long asi stay off 3g it seems to work ok using Chrome as my browser. Thank you for finding a solution :slight_smile:

(Sue Bentley) #15

A related point -my computer is too old for the new system. I thought my tablet would be the answer. I’ve got here now but the normal route (drop down menu from front page) won’t work on my tablet. I’ve found my way here through the seller blog .

(Margaret Jackson) #16

Sue, the age of your computer shouldn’t matter, as long as you have an up to date browser?

(Sue Bentley) #17

Thank you Margaret! Unfortunately, when I say ‘old’ I mean ‘ancient’. The operating system cannot be updated further and what I have is incomptible with more up to date browsers. It will have to go eventually, but, at the moment, it does everything else well enough -if slowly. I can’t justify the expense just for Folksy forums but, consequently feel cut off!

(Margaret Jackson) #18

Oh I see, I didn’t realise you meant ‘ancient’!lol

(Stephanie Guy) #20

Hi Catherine, is there something specific that I can help you with? I’m not an expert but am willing to try.