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Mobile version of forum changed?

Has something changed with the way the forum has been coded over the past week?

I use my phone a lot of the time and I can normally see the two buttons at the top for latest and new topic etc. however they are now cut off and out of view for me unless I slide round to landscape view on the phone. Never been a problem before ?


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I’m having the same problem Hazel, but if I turn my phone on its side to the landscape view they are back :grinning:

Yep- I’m having the same problem and it’s really annoying!! I only ever use the forum on my phone and thought it may just have been something to do with me so didn’t say anything- then figured it would just get fixed pretty soon but it’s been like this for a few days now. I just use an iPhone so nothing weird.
It’s getting frustrating now though as when I want to click on the buttons at the top I keep accidentally clicking on the first thread. Grr. I hate it when technology doesn’t work properly. Haha

Yep, me too, so that makes 4 of us, can you shed some light on our little problem @Folksyadmin ?
Thank you Suzzie

I have been having the same trouble for the last two days

Thanks for flagging this up Hazel. I’m not aware of any changes so I’ll ask the people who host the forum.

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That’s great thank you Carmilla. I’ve been doing the landscape view work around but as others have said it’s very annoying not being about to see what’s going on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies everyone - good to know it’s not just me !!! hopefully it will get sorted soon and we will be able to see the menu again.

Im struggling to upload pictures too using my iPad.
Not had a problem before adding link & image.
I can’t join in on the promotion boards :frowning:

Off to have a mini tantrum somewhere :wink:


Oh it’s worked now. I’ve noticed the little icon has changed too now for uploading photos. I think it was a little mountain before and now it’s the arrow pointing upwards.
Seems a little temperamental.


Sorry, we got this fixed … all should be good now.


Thanks Sam working ok now :slight_smile:

Just come onboard, all headings working fine, thank you.

Yep- thank you! All is good now. :blush: