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Free letter writing software

We installed a new pc recently which meant losing a load of software things including my photo editing software(rage!!) I also lost the letter writing software we had.

Its handy to have in general and I also have to update my CV. I wondered if anybody knows of a free and simple letter writing software I can download from the net, being able to save it in jpeg would be handy too.


I use libre office 4.3, its an open source and free to download version of microsoft office. If you could do it in word you should be able to do it in libre writer and you can save files in microsoft format.

Why don’t you just install your old software on your new PC? If you still have the codes it’s easy enough. After all if you’ve bought it you can use it in any PC or laptop :smiley:

Thanks for the info It was my brothers software, he doesn’t have it anymore.

Ive been clicking on everything on the pc (in a hopeful panic) and ive discovered something called notepad. It doesn’t save in jpeg but its a start. I could type CV all out and I could copy and paste to email a cv.

Why do you want to save the cv as a jpeg? That’s normally a compressed photo file type. I would normally save something like a cv as either a word document or a pdf. I would avoid copy and pasting a cv into an email, it can do funning things to the formatting and if they want to print it off they have to select the correct bits.
This is the link to libre office

Jpegs the only thing I understand with computers. Ive tried to send cv’s via the computer in the past and had no idea how to do it in other file types. Thanks for the info.
Il have a look at the link.

Thanks @SashaGarrett I just installed libre (ive no idea how I did it as Im not computery minded at all).

If you need any help then give me a shout, I’ve used the writer (word equivalent), calc (excel equivalent) and impress (powerpoint equivalent).

Thanks to @SashaGarrett Ive just added my cv and worked out how to send it in an email. Thanks for the libre office link.