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Free to pickup in person?

Hi all. I’m new here. Just wondered if it’s possible to add free pickup (no p&p) for people who can collect. Thanks x

I’m afraid its not possible to set up free collection in the postage options but you can state in the listing details that local collection would be free and you will refund the postage costs. If you do go for free collection make sure you get something signed by them to say that they have collected it as I have heard of scams where people collect items and then file ‘item not received’ claims with the payment processors and the seller can’t prove that the item was collected so has to refund.

Ah I see. Yes good point. What would you suggest they sign? Is there something printable on here like an invoice or something? X

Yes when you get an order there is a printable receipt which you could get them to sign and date.

That’s great. Thank you x

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