Can I set to collection only?

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.
I’m not selling on here at the moment but pop in regularly.
Am I right in remembering that you can sell items as collection only on folksy? So for example if I don’t want to post items due to the strikes and delays, that I could still sell locally and they could buy from my folksy shop?
Claire xx

I haven’t seen any shop doing that, and I don’t think there is an option to do it, but other sellers might know a way around it.

No there isn’t away of setting something up as ‘collection only’ but you could rig something using variations - drop down menu, option 1 - collect from (insert postcode), option 2- please post but I understand that it might not arrive before christmas. If people have to select between those options they are acknowledging that if it is posted that it might not arrive in time.

Worth remembering that payment providers (eg paypal or stripe) normally require proof of posting as a minimum if a buyer opens an item not received case. So if people are collecting items (especially expensive items) it is worth getting them to sign a collection receipt. I’ve heard stories of jewellers getting scammed out of a lot of money by not getting proof of collection.

Thanks for all the help, wasn’t sure so thought I’d check.
Claire xx

Personally I’d be concerned on a security and safety point of view about buyers coming to my home to collect.
And in the back of my mind I think someone previously on the forums mentioned home insurance implications if you have customers at your home, eg what if they trip over your doorstep and hurt themselves, are you covered. Worth thinking over.

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