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Funny format of Folksy emails

(Joy Salt) #1

No idea where this should be posted / which category for general “Folksy” topics ?

When did the Folksy emails go funny ?

Not had a sale for a week then 3 came along together - like red buses.

I always respond / acknowledge the order on the back of the Folksy email but they are all squashed up in the middle of the page with white space for 1/3 on either side.
Is it the way I’m set up or is the email ?

Joy xx

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I had an email from Folksy this morning when I bought something and it was fine then.

(Little Black Heart) #3

i know what you mean joy, i noticed mine changed to the squashed-up-all-in-the-middle format last week sometime! x

(Joy Salt) #4

Oh good glad it isn’t just me. I don’t like it :frowning:

(Sian ) #5

@JOYSofGLASS We’re just changed the format of the emails. it sounds like something’s gone wrong!

Can you please forward the email (and also take a screenshot just in case it displays ok for us when it gets here!) to


(Joy Salt) #6

@sianfolksy1 Thanks Sian i will do as soon as I’m home again - overnighting in Gloucestershire.
Joy xx

(Helen Smith) #7

Oh! I’ve just had one and I see what you mean! The whole thing is compressed into the middle of the page with really wide margins, with the effect that if I want to print it for my records it will go onto a second sheet.

(Joy Salt) #8

I’m really rather pleased you said that. Thought it might be just me and that I’d hit a button somewhere on my laptop that I didn’t know I had !

(Joy Salt) #9

I’ve just sent the latest set of 2 emails + screen prints to email address you’ve given.
Joy xx

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

I had a message email this morning from a customer - mine was all squashed in the middle too. Looks very odd!

(Joy Salt) #11

The worst part is if you want to reply on it as you then have to format the part you want to send or that goes as a central column as well which looks very odd.

(Jo Sara) #12

I noticed this on my last sale too. I thought it looked like some of the normal info was missing, but I checked an old one and it’s all there just, like has been said, all squashed into the middle of the page. I actually thought this was just the new look of confirmation emails. I have to admit I did think it wasn’t the greatest change I’d ever seen.


(Faywoodcrafts) #13

Hi. I am new to folksy and seem to be a bit lost.
Just thought I would introduce myself,Joanna of faywoodcrafts hope to start selling soon! any tips welcome. Best regards Joanna