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What has happened to the seller newsletter?

I don’t seem to be getting any correspondence from Folksy HQ apart from my bill. I have checked my spam folder and there is nothing there. Are there still newsletters?

I got a ‘News and tips for sellers’ email on Friday around 2.15pm (correction - actually arrived 2.25pm) so sounds like there might be something up if you’re signed up and didn’t get it. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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Not sure I’m getting them anymore either.
I’m getting emails about new things from people I follow, but no news letter as such.

I got mine at 2.25 Friday Afternoon

I’d be interested to know whether you have a hotmail email address if you’re not getting the newsletter any more? I’m asking because I organise a local arts event and we use a mailing list to keep in touch with our artists - there are times when I have tremendous difficulty getting in touch with those who use hotmail - wondering if it’s just us or a broader problem.

@HelenSmith It’s the same for an art event I help out with. Hotmail and gmail are awful for people not getting the emails. Most of the time it is because it’s been sent to spam, or one of the many other random folders gmail has, but often if you don’t check them quick enough they’ll already have been deleted (and many people never seem to check those folders).

I’ve got both a hotmail and gmail email for various things, and I find gmail is a lot worse for it. With hotmail there’s 1 folder these emails tend to be sent to, and the number of emails in the folder is visible straight away, so if it’s gone up a lot I’ll give it a quick check. With gmail there are multiple folders it moves things to, and it takes some scrolling to see the numbers on those folders, which means it’s taken me weeks to notice a missing email before (and it seems anyone who isn’t a contact automatically gets filtered, so it’s taken a lot more setting up just to get anything in my inbox).

Oh that’s weird, I use gmail with no problems at all - and we don’t seem to have the same issues sending out to gmail either - although I know the ‘promotions’ folder can cause a bit of confusion. Most of our ‘hotmail’ artists have to be contacted individually otherwise they start to get very stressed thinking they haven’t been accepted to take part (or, don’t receive the request for payment…)!

I’m gmail, so will go for a rummage and see if I can find them in a bin somewhere.

@DeborahJonesJewellery Like the others said, the most recent one was on Friday and it should have been sent by, so hopefully if it did end up in another folder it won’t have had time to be deleted yet.

If you’re not getting some emails then adding the addresses to your contacts might help.
It’s generally for seller news. for sales and order confirmations. for the weekly activity update, bills, order shipped, milestone emails. for new things from people you follow. if you’ve contacted support.

The newsletters (seller news, folksy finds) can be unsubscribed from, but you should always receive things like sale/order confirmations, so if you’re not getting those it’s best to contact support.

I am on Gmail. I added myself back on to the mailing list so I am now receiving everything.