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Promoting Folksy to the public

(Allana ) #1

There’s been quite a few posts recently about lack of sales on folksy. I think some of this is due to people just not knowing about folksy. I’ve done some craft fairs where I’ve told them I sell on Etsy and Folksy and they’ve heard of etsy but not folksy. With this in mind is there anything gets you think we as sellers can do to help bring attention to folksy or something you think folksy themselves could maybe do?

I don’t have any answers to this problem of promoting Folksy itself to the general public but thought as a huge audience of people who want to help bring more attention to folksy we might be able to think of some suggestions.

There was another link I’ve been made aware of that suggested car stickers, bags or badges with folksy on them? Maybe this is something folksy could look into selling through their shop?

Also having a folksy hour on twitter where we can show off our products and have them retweeted by each other and folksy as many other networking profiles have. But that might be so e thing we could set up ourselves…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

promote promote and again I say promote.

And more we as sellers promote our shops the more people will know about Folksy. In fact as can be seen by the number of non UK seller who have been thrown off the site of late it’s clear Folksy is not as unknown now as it was a few years ago.

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(Liz Clark) #3

You might want to have a look at this thread: Come on Folksy

I also think the other thing we can do is if we buy on Folksy ourselves to tell people about it. Personal recommendations go a long way!

(Julie Maginn) #4

I have been promoting like a possessed person since I went onto social media at the beginning of this year. I have had a successful business for 5 years which is my sole income so must be doing something right (stall & outlets). I have gained 150 followers in 3 months on fb starting with literally 1 family member who I knew was on it. I interact with other pages, groups etc I am also on Twitter, pintrest and Instagram. I have done a month of promotion with British Crafters and am currently doing a promotion with HMUK. Partly due to my stupid back I think I have spent more time promoting than making these last few months.

The result? Well my social media accounts are doing very well, gaining followers and interactions but my Folksy views have on the whole plummeted. (And yes everything points to my Folksy shop, it is the only online shop I have). I have had a couple of sales but the main thing I have noticed is who are following me and interacting with my pages. In general it is other craft businesses and Folksy & Etsy shops (and I love talking to other crafters and seeing their things so all good there). Now I certainly do buy from other crafters, I have a happy parcel from Folksy just arrived now, but really we need to be finding the general public who do not craft!! They are the people who have not heard of Folksy but if they did would probably be more likely to buy from us!! So, how do we find them??? :confounded:

(Liz Clark) #5

We talked a little bit on #folksyhour this week about target customers - who are they and how you reach them, marketing etc.

There is a new article on the folksy blog about target customers that is worth a read.

Once you define who your audience is, then you can think about where to find them.

(Allana ) #6

That link was a great read! I too was unaware folksy themselves had a shop however I’m a bit disappointed in it. I do think folksy are missing a chance to sell Folksy branded goods. Car stickers, badges and bags etc sound like a great idea, also something that could be included in orders or worn or displayed at craft fairs! Might be something to ask them about x

(Sally Eira) #7

hi - there is another thread discussing this and i think i remember camilla @ folksy saying that they are going to make promotional items.

here’s what camilla said in march:

_" We’re planning to do a run of tote bags and car bumper stickers, but we’d really love to get people involved in the design so we’re going to run a competition for your designs or mottos._There’ll be an announcement with more info after the Easter holidays."

(Julie Maginn) #8

Errr not sure that helped!! I don’t think there’s a type of person I haven’t sold to!!! lol :grinning: I have such a wide range that it appeals to all sorts, I have regular customers at my stall from a 90 year old lady, middle aged man, woman in her 20’s… I don’t aim specifically at anyone. And to be honest I don’t want to!! I make what I like and certainly for face to face that seems to be what works!! I just wish Folksy could be a household name where people just think of it when they want to buy something!!

(Allana ) #9

I really hope this does happen soon, even if it was the current folksy ‘logo’ at least it’d get the name out there. Or ‘I sell on folksy’ or something to bring it more attention x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #10

yep I don’t aim for a small target market in just one area as that restricts who I’m able to sell to.

But there is a general target market I do aim for that’s those who love to buy from small independent sellers who sell handmade and are willing to pay more than the bargin basement buyers.

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(Liz Clark) #11

It’s great that you have such a wide audience as that should give you lots of different options to promote your items in your Folksy shop!

I know my items are pretty niche, so I tend to target a certain type of person when I advertise (someone who likes nature, birds in particular, have a certain amount of disposable income, they will probably like relaxing, being outdoors, gardening, interested in home decor and so read those kind of magazines, support a cancer related charity).

(Emma) #12

@allanamorrisonphotography Do you have the link to Folksy’s shop? I didn’t have a clue either :slight_smile:

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(Sally Eira) #13

(Emma) #14

thank you Sally @SallyandtheFreckles

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(Claire Mead) #15

I am busier at my day job now and I haven’t been able to spend every pm promoting which shows as I have been dead the last couple of months. However I agree a lot of my sales do tend to be other sellers. Folksy definitely need to advertise more as it feels pointless spending hours promoting when you don’t get any sales. Also it is very difficult to not feel despondent. I have swapped all my links from website etc to the other side now to see what happens…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

Funny you should say that I’ve not listed much for the last few weeks and my views are lower but I compaired them with last year and they are still slightly compared with this time last year.

I also had a look at my sales and I have sold more to non folksy sellers and non folksy users mine are mostly guest buyers so my promoting must be working. I’ve even had a couple of repeat guest buyers now. But it’s taken me a long time and my sales appear to come in bunches ie nothing or a few weeks then 3 or 4 sales all at once.

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(Allana ) #17 that’s the link to folksy folksy shop x

(HarshandSweet) #18

How about a small postcard printed by Folksy that we can distribute?

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(HarshandSweet) #19

Thinking of it, even simple pens with the Folksy logo and url could do the trick. And pens virtually distribute themselves! :slight_smile:

(Pat Simcox) #20

Instead of waiting for Folksy to come up with some stickers etc, why not produce your own. Create your own leaflets, business cards or car stickers which include the wording " ***** can be purchased from"

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