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Gift wrapped and gorgeous website?

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #1

Just wondering if anyone sells on the gift wrapped and gorgeous website. If so would you recommend???

(Amberlilly) #2

Can’t say I have heard of them? Will have to go check.:grinning:

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #3

I know a few people have said that, but I have heard some good about it but I cant decide :frowning:

(Muranomagic) #4

I used to sell on there but became disillusioned and didn’t renew.

(Lorraine Burt) #5

Haven’t heard of that but will go and have a look!

(Liz Padgham Major) #6

I joined them in July, I became a partner on Not On The Highstreet the same month. I have had a lot more sales with NOTHS , continuous sales. But they are lovely on Giftwrapped and gorgeous, and it is a well managed site. They are always improving the way you can manage your shop, so I would recommend them xxx

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #7

Ahh thank you for that, I’ve just been a little concerned about joining with the initial charge and can’t seem to gain many opinions. I’ve applied to moths I’d love to get on there, but my pics just aren’t good enough. I’m not very good with photography :).

(Liz Padgham Major) #8

Yes photography is key for NOTHS, and it certainly increases sales on Folksy.
I have learnt a lot since being on there as they mentor you, it took me along while to get my images better and that has really benefitted my Folksy shop too! Xxx

(Susan Bonnar) #9

Would not recommend - I sold there for 3 years. Happy to discuss by messages but not on the forum! x @Heavenlyfountainslittleextras